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Hello and welcome to my place! First of all I'm sure you ask yourself now: "Who the fuck is Goga?"...or maybe you don't but anyway, here's some info which will make it easier for you to understand what kind of person I am (it's pretty boring so don't expect to something astonishing, ok?): Now  you probably think to yourself: "Ok, now I know who's Goga but...what the heck I'm doing here?". The answer is "I have no idea! In fact I don't know how or why did you get here!" Frankly this page doesn't contain any useful or interesting information (but I hope it will contain soon). All I can offer you is a list of links to my favorite web sites. Here is it:

Links to my favorite sites:

My site:

Punk sites:

Russian Rock sites:

mTV Haters sites:

Anarchy related sites:

My friends' sites:

Crappie sites:

   E-mail me!...And please feel free to korrekt my lousy English! :)

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