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NOTICE: Oct 9 - Everything on this site has been pulled except for the links from the index page.....the last few pages will be going down in a week to a month.....
NOTICE: Oct 7 - my geocities email account is no longer active please send all mail to gebann@micronet.net. on another note i have started pulling down this page.....the library and the archive are already down.....along with the lounge (not that its been working for the past 6 month)....id really like to stress that i need to know about links to these pages.....ive already taken care of most of the search engines....i need to know about personal sites that link here. oh everything but the lounge is up on the new page and i am hoping to have it up soon....until next time......
NOTICE: Oct 5 - most of the new page is up....and i am going to start pulling down this page towards the end of the week....there are still bugs and such to be taken care of on the new page but for the most part its in good shape.... please change your bookmarks and inform me of an links to the the geocities version so i can inform the owners that the site is moving....thanks for your time
NOTICE: Oct 1 - as it says on the front page i am in the process of moving my pages to a new site. there will be several updates and changes on that site as i get everything up and running. if you would like to see what i have up over there please follow me

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