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Croatia gets 3rd place on the world cup!!!
The World Cup is great an Croatia is the best!!!
Croatia 3 Germany 0
Croatia 2 Holland 1
Click on the flag to see the Croatian Soccer webpage

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NEW Shok Paris
Savage Grace

Grim Reaper, The Let Me Dream Pageand Diabolical Masquerade page
It has pictures,info,realaudio,reviews and more coming...

Now check out my music awards page it shall feature the best albums, singers, guitar players etc...
The Awards page
Soon to appear my soccer pages first dedicated to Croatia and then I'll expand them with more countries and players. I hope I can get something done, i'm back in school so damn just wait. After another summer of complete idiocy one must return to school, yep, expect new pages
about metal or maybe some video mpgs or realvideo stuff, if I get my hands any kind of
parallel port hardware to capture video. Just wait, having a page and not getting paid is meek.

Welcome to my homepage, this homepage is dedicated to the art of music. Well the
main music that I like is Black Metal and Power Metal. First what are really the
main influences of bands? Everyone hears about Venom, Celtic Frost, Hell Hammer,
Black Sabbath, and etc. But it is really true that not all bands have these as their
main influence. As to myself my influences were (note I have a band it is called
Nebiros.) Shok Paris, Running Wild, Destruction, Exciter, Attila, Abbatoir and others.
These were my first influences then later came, Katatonia, Rotting Christ, Abigor,
Demoniac, Isengard and others.As for music there are many links I would like to share.
Ok, check an band of experimental music Comedian Slovene I hear they just love Grim Reaper
Their homepage
Here is a great one for all kinds of metal
and here for Running Wild
And as bonus a link to an excellent site to Savatage

And now some sports talk. Well my favorite basketball team are the Seattle Supersonics
who were close to beat the bulls. My favorite baseball team are the Chicago Cubs,
they haven't won a World Series since 1915 but I have still some hope. My favorite
Spanish soccer team is Tenerife and from Germany its Bayern Leverkusen. My favorite
Mexican soccer team is Celaya, they have now Butragueño and Michel both ex-Real Madird
players. Last season they were beat in the finals after they ascended from a sub-division
Then this season they will probably be in the finals and win.I go for the Chicago Bears
on football and hope to go to Stanford University. For hockey my favorite team are
the New York Rangers, I hope they are champions again.
Another thing that I still like since I was a kid are the:Transformers
I saw most stuff about the Transformers when I was a kid.I collected some during my
childhood. My favorite Transformer is Starscream mainly because he was smart,arrogant,
strong, and rebellious. He was completely different from all the others.He was too a
clever scientist who took things his way. My favorite episode from the TV series was
when Starscream tossed Megatron to the space.The later episodes with Leozak and
Starsaber were great too but they lacked Starscream. The toys were very well made
and so were the plots of the cartoons. If by any chance anyone would like to visit
some sites here are some:
A great site
The Transformers Encyclopedia
Another great site
Well that's all for TF links.
Another thing that interests me its physics,moslty electronics and computers
Here is a link to Stanford Univeristy
Here is a link to The American Institute of Physics
For those who like PC Games here is a link to a great site Shoguns palace
In Shogun's Palace you may download cool games and demos.

Guestbook by Lpage

And now if you like Horror then you should follow this link:
Horror links
The greatest Horror author is H.P.Lovecraft. And my favorite story is The Dunwich Horror,
the story is really great. The whole idea is about a weird child that is born from an
albino family, then there is a great catastrophe in Dunwich and the townspeople
vanquish the creature that is detroying Dunwich.
Visit my Lovecraft page
Read my Horror Tales!!!
I will change this page so I had to remove all old stuff.
Check this link, Lovecrafts Ledger
And now this link is for some real great info on Serial Killers. The Internet Crime Archives

So far thats it,you can find me on the irc on #Evil and #Horror or either e-mail me.
I would be glad to hear comments or questions from anyone.


Hail KUTULU!!!!
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