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the mighty mighty bosstones
"We're a bunch of ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things
with a limited budget and questionable talent."

*Note: This site is not finished.

Who are the BossTones?

A high energy, fast, hybrid ska-core band, from Boston, Massachussetts. Find out more about them here.


joe sirois
Joe Sirois - drums
dennis brokenborough
Dennis Brockenborough - trombone
nate albert
Nate Albert - guitar
tim burton
Tim Burton - tenor sax
ben carr
Ben Carr - bosstone
dicky barrett
Dicky Barrett - vocals
kevin lenear
Kevin Lenear - tenor sax
joe gittleman
Joe Gittleman - bass

What is ska-core?

A direct quote from the ska faq:

"Ska is dance music, first and foremost. Ska was a Jamaican dance music that swept out of Jamaica in the early 1960s to shake the butts of working and middle-class Jamaicans before going on, via the West Indian immigrant connection, to the UK, and then on to the world. In the UK, ska was also known as `blue beat' music. Rocksteady, and later, reggae sprang from the loins of ska in the late 1960s. Mid-1970s and 1980s/1990s revivals of this popular dance form have kept this music alive and fun through the present. The ska beat on drums and bass, rhythm guitar, lots of horns and maybe a Hammond organ --- that's the ska sound."

There are also some articles about Ska, and the BossTones:
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