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The Authority

The Authority are among the top Oi! bands in Southern California. They've been around since November 1993 and are made up of Ken on vocals, Bill on guitar, Eric on bass, and Joe on drums. The band all met each other in mid '93 and decided to start an Oi! band while hanging out one night. Before the Authority, Joe was the drummer for a band called 40oz. Threat and Bill was in Painful Existence and Act of Rage, two hardcore bands. But, as Bill says, "fuck that shit, it's all about The Authority".

The band considers themselves skinhead rock-n-roll in a '77 punk style vein. They insist that they don't sound like any other band except the Authority. They do, however, admit that they draw influences from bands such as 999, Skrewdriver, The Last Resort, the Buzzcocks, and the Angelic Upstarts.


  • Who Knows? CD on GMM Records
  • Compilations:
  • Backstreets of American Oi! on Sta-Prest Records
  • Super Yobs Volume 2 on Vulture Rock Records
  • The Authority
    c/o Scooter Skin
    PO Box 9678
    Anaheim, CA 92812
    Visit the Official Authority Website.

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