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Bovver Wonderland : Born to Booze

Among the many bands cropping up on the West Coast (particularly Southern California), Bovver Wonderland stands out. The band began in April of 1994 with the core of John Hilario on guitar, Stan Corona on bass, and Lou Guzman (also of the Choice) on drums. Vocalists changed over the past few years, with "Portland" Pan having the distinction of being the O.G., so to speak. "New York" Carlos took over singing duties next, and finally Stan ended up front with Colette the "Manchester Lass" on bass before finally solidifying as three piece with John and Stan both singing.

The name "Bovver Wonderland" comes from an idea that John had for a "bootboy smoothie glam band" that he wanted to form a few years ago. The band's sound is straight up street punk, drawing influences from '77 UK and European punk bands. Their songs are a drunk's wet dream, as they sing about alcohol constantly. When they're not crooning about beer, they manage to belt out classics about every day life...which, according to John, "leads to heavy drinking". So no matter what they sing about, it invariably ends in a booze fest. Just take a listen to "Born to Booze" from their flexi disk that was available from the band or from ordering a copy of A Way of Life #6. If you didn't get one then, try to con someone into stealing it or giving it to you. Otherwise, you're shit out of luck unless you can handle having it on cassette! If you ever have the opportunity, check out this band. They're among the best American Oi! bands around.


  • Hard Days, Hard Nights b/w Born to Booze flexi-disk
  • Bovver Wonderland LP on Vulture Rock Records
  • Compilations:
  • Super Yobs Volume 2 on Vulture Rock Records

  • Bovver Wonderland
    c/o John
    P.O. Box 15983
    N. Hollywood, CA 91605

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