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FM = Radio broadcast
TV = Television broadcast
SB = Soundboard recording
AUD= Audience recording
ST = Studio recording

A+ :Perfect quality
A :Very good quality, no disturbing audience, you can hear all instruments clearly
A- :Still very good, maybe a bit quieter or (if AUD recording) some disturbing audience
B+ :Still clear instruments but audience starts getting anyoing in between the songs

ArtistDateCityLocation/NameQuality# discs
Smashing Pumpkinsxx.xx.89? 1989 demos 'Moon''Smashing Pumpkins'ST A-1
Smashing Pumpkins12.17.91Los Angeles 'Whiskey A Go Go'AUD A- 1
Smashing Pumpkins06.29.93Paris,France Studio 10S (acoustic) SB? A/A-1
Smashing Pumpkins08.14.93Chicago Cabaret MetroSB? A/A-1
Smashing Pumpkins10.29.93/12.12.93San Diego/L.A.'Smashing the Puppets'SB A1
Smashing Pumpkins??.??.???Unplugged songs, mostly Siamese Dream, StudioST/SB A++1
Smashing Pumpkins02.21.94Munich, DE Alabamahalle 'Soul Sacrifice'TV/SB A1
Smashing Pumpkinsxx.xx.xx?EarphoriaST/SB A++1
Smashing Pumpkins08.25.95Berkshire, UK Reading FestivalSB A1
Smashing Pumpkinsxx.xx.95? 1995 demosST? A-1
Smashing Pumpkins10.23.95Chicago The Riviera 'Mellon Collie Release Party'FM/SB A-1
Smashing Pumpkins3.13./4.24.96Sydney / Milano 'Mellow Jolly And The Infinite Madness' SB A1
Smashing Pumpkins04.07.96Düsseldorf, DEPhilippshalle 'Rudi, the striker' TV/SB A1
Smashing Pumpkins04.15.96Berlin, DEArena 'The Berlin Bullet'AUD A2
Smashing Pumpkins05.15.96London, UK Brixton Academy TV/SB A/(A-)1
Smashing Pumpkins06.28.97Roskilde, DK Roskilde Festival 'Exit Mellon Collie'SB A1
Smashing Pumpkins01.15.98Los Angeles Viper Room (acoustic)AUD/DAT A-/(B+)1
Smashing Pumpkins05.14.98Hamburg, DESpielbudenplatzFM/SB A+/(A)2
Smashing Pumpkins05.23.98LondonShepherds bush empire 'the SP enter adore'SB A1
Smashing Pumpkins06.20.98Toronto 'Muchmusic I & I'SB1
Smashing Pumpkins07.12.98Houston, TX Bayou Place 'Benefit'SB A+ 2
Smashing Pumpkins08.04.98Atlanta, GA Fox TheaterFM?/SB A+/(A)2
Smashing Pumpkins12.12.98Los AngelesShrine Auditorium KROQ Almost Acoustic X-MAS SB/FM A1
Smashing Pumpkins04.10.99Detroit, MISt.Andrews Hall 'The Arising-Detroit'AUD A-/(B+)2
Pearl Jam03.16.92New YorkKaufman Astoria Studios unpluggedSB A+1
Pearl Jam03.05.98Melbourne JJJ Melbourne Park 'Hard Dazzle'FM A++2
Pearl Jam08.25.98Pittsburgh, PA Starlake AmphitheaterAUD/DAT2
+LIVE+4.19.95/6.3.94New York / ? MTV unplugged/radio promotion 'Unwired And Wired'SB A+/A 1
Beastie Boys06.20.98Loreley, DE'big shot sure shot'SB A2
Silverchair08.??.97Cologne, DEBizarre FestivalTV/SB A1
Skunk Anansie08.??.97Cologne, DEBizarre FestivalTV/SB A1
Bush08.??.97Cologne, DEBizarre FestivalTV/SB A1
Marylin Manson08.??.97Cologne, DE Bizarre FestivalTV/SB A1
Deftones08.??.98Cologne, DEBizarre FestivalTV/SB A1
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant08.??.98Cologne, DE Bizarre FestivalTV/SB A2
RATMvariousvarious 'American Headlines/Save the planet'SB A1
RATM05.11.96London 'Fear Is Your Only God'SB1

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