Well first of all I would just like to thank My bud Jim in Indiana, he helped me with my page (it's sweet Jim). Thanx :) also I would like to thank some people from Beauty magazine chat, thanx Speed and Luci for getting me this far. Umm well I am 15 years old, male, and I live in a little boring town called Warwick and It's in New York. I just moved here this summer, I used to live in the exciting state of Indiana. Well to be more specific I am SINGLE, I have brown hair, kewl bluish grey eyes (sometimes they look like they are green), about 125lbs., and I am about 5'7". If you are wondering where my name comes from it comes from where I used to live. A bunch of my friends and I made it up and we called ourselves OCboys...If any of my fellow OCboys happen to stumble upon my page (which I doubt) give me a call, come boarding this winter. My main interests are snowboarding, mountain biking, sk8boarding, cars, computers, and music. I tried to put up some kewl places for you all to check out, tell me if they suck and I will get rid of them. Soon my home page will hopefully be kewl, but it sux right now, I will be getting a guestbook and some other pictures and stuff soon, but first I have to find out how...Later :)

Links to other sites on the Web

My bud Speed's homepage

K's homepage in Canada

My bud Thrawn's homepage

Superchick's Homepage

My friend Jim's homepage, in OC

Here are some more links that I hope work...fingers crossed


•The crappy local homepage

•Eauto car thing


•Oneill, surfing and snowboarding stuff

•A snowboards

•misc. snowboarding and skiing stuff

•Heckler snowboarding magazine~VERY kewl, lots of pics

•Beauty snowboarding magazine

•Scuba Diving site

•Transworld Snowboarding magazine

•Airwalk page

•Kewl snowboard page, with links

•Da'Kine snowboardpage

•Burton snowboards


•The Snow Page



•Surfer Magazine

•Snowboarding Online

•Medium Magazine


•Swag snowboard clothing


•I have no idea what this is, I haven't checked it out yet

•Barfoot snowboards



•Links to all kinds of manufacturers

•Games Spot

•Games Domain

•Gaming World


•Game links

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