Against the Grain was created on 17 March 1998 by Christopher Jenkins, a fourteen year old fan of Bad Religion from New Zealand.

I created it because a) One of my pet hates (it's inherited) is lyrics that come with music and have lines or whole verses missing so I went over all the lyric sheets in the BR albums and edited and revised them so they (usually) match what Greg Graffin says. b) I wanted to create a web page and this seemed as good a topic as any. c) I'm a fan, need I say more?

The name "Against the Grain" comes from of course the album and song of the same name, but I also chose it because I'm known at school and to my friends as someone who has little or no shame and doesn't care what people think about who I am and what I like (I maintain against the grain).

All lyrics and scans, except for those credited to the appropriate people on this page are created or typed by me and all revisions and edits are by me, so if you have a comment or a correction, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

On 21 May 1998 Johan Karlsson from Sweden joined me to work on ATG. He controls guitar tabulature and the mp3's while I still run the lyrics and surveys.

Christopher Jenkins