We thought we should take the time to thank these people for their help and support.

Both Chris and Johan would like to thank:

For their brilliant and inspiring music:

Greg Graffin ggraffin@badreligion.com
Brian Baker BrianB@badreligion.com
Greg Hetson GregH@badreligion.com
Jay Bentley JayB@badreligion.com
Bobby Schayer BobbyS@badreligion.com

Lyric Corrections:

Jimmie "The Poufter" poufter@email.msn.com
Thomas Moori billy_gnosis@hotmail.com


Sean & Daryl Carruthers grubman@ihug.co.nz
Scott Diaz


Early album covers (pre-Suffer days): Joe Rafaniello jrafanie@stevens-tech.edu
Title graphic (modified by Chris): Petter Sundlöf odd@hempseed.com
Gothenburg pictures: Johan Karlsson (not me) bad.religion@usa.com

Chris would like to thank:

Emma (my sweetie) for being mine despite my obsessive behaviour with music etc. I love you even if you do hate this stuff.
Janet Jenkins (my mother) for helping with those real tough words on the early albums forrestj@ihug.co.nz
Lim Kang, cuz he's cool and defends me in punk-versus-other-stuff fights limkz@hotmail.com
Joby Cross for his valuable info Jcchummer@aol.com
Last but not least Sean "Grubman" Carruthers for introducing me to Bad Religion grubman@ihug.co.nz

Johan would like to thank:

Hans Karlsson for being a cool punkrocker Hazzo@home.se
David Roos for helping me when I'm fsihing refen@hotmail.com
Johan Karlsson for trading BR bootlegs with me bad.religion@usa.com
åsso ett par till som jag glömde.......