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Caught In The Act broadcasts exclusive live recordings every Thursday night 10pm to midnight on Melbourne independent public radio station PBS 106.7 FM. When/if PBS Live returns from an extended hiatus the timeslot will include an hour of music broadcast live-to-air from a Melbourne venue. Check out our playlists with links to on-line information about featured artists, what's coming up on the program, the official PBS-FM site, and some web links to other relevant information in cyberspace, including the program's predecessor The ReveRb Room.

If you're lucky enough to be in the Melbourne metropolitan listening area (there's no webcast yet) you'll get to hear live recorded material from the PBS archives, from gigs we record around town, occasional guest musicians who may come into the studios and perform live-to-air or record tracks for future broadcast, outtakes of material that doesn't get broadcast at live-to-air events (such as PBS Live, ANZAC Day Anarchy and Cup Day Chaos) and other live stuff available for broadcast. Almost anything and everything is fair game as long as it is recorded live, even live albums or other releases that are commercially available, fan club and promotional releases, obscure b-sides and tapes.

We're always on the lookout for new live material and invite you to contact us if you have any to give, loan, trade or sell us, or if you are an artist who would like to have a live performance recorded (for free) for possible broadcast. Record company promos are welcome, bootlegs are not. Any non-commercial radio stations interested in collaborating by sharing material?

Write to us to be added to the Caught In The Act email announcement distribution list thingy, you'll be the first to hear what's coming up on the show.

Occasionally I do fill-ins for other programs, here are the playlists.
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