Playlist for Program #14
Monday 3Aug98 12am-2am

various artists featuring female vocalists

1. Holly Golightly - Won't Go Out (5:20) "Up The Empire" CD, Empire Ballroom, Bridgetown, where's that?, Summer97

2. Patti Smith - Pumping (My Heart) (4:02) various artists "ONXRT: Live From The Archives, Vol. 3" CD, Park West, Chicago IL, USA, 28Apr78
3. Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake (3:48) various artists "Tibetan Freedom Concert" 3CD, Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA, USA, (15)?Jun96
4. Shonen Knife - E.S.P. (5:34) "Explosion" CDEP, Irving Plaza, New York City NY, USA, 3May97
5. Cardigans - Sick & Tired (3:47) "Lovefool" CDS, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England, Nov96
6. Björk - Possibly Maybe (5:54) "Possibly Maybe" CDS (UK version part 3), Wembley, London, England, 13Sep96

7. Luscious Jackson - Bam Bam (5:11) "Here" CDS, Mala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 26Feb95
8. Hole - Credit In The Straight World (3:06) "Doll Parts" CDS, Palace, Melbourne, 13Jan95
9. Au Pairs - Taking Care Of Him (5:15) "Sense & Sensuality" CD, studio demo
10. Morcheeba - Moog Island (4:09) "Tape Loop" CDS, for GLR, (London, England)?
11. Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy (4:29) "Still In Hollywood" CD, Malibu Nightclub, Long Island NY, USA, (1990)?

12. PJ Harvey - Hook (4:38) "Send His Love To Me" CDS, Glastonbury Festival, England, 1995
13. Curve - Die Like A Dog (4:39) "Horror Head" promo CDS, London, England, 1991
14. Die Haut - Parts Unknown (Lydia Lunch and Kid Congo Powers vocals) (5:11) "Sweat" CD, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany, Aug92
15. Free Kitten - Oh Baby (1:40) "Unboxed" CD, Academy, New York City NY, USA, Sep93
16. Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud (3:19) "The Kitchen Tapes" CD, The Kitchen, New York City NY, USA, 12Dec82

17. Plums - Au Revoir Sex Kitten (4:08) various artists "The Big Backyard Live Concert" CD, The Domain, Sydney, 5Nov94
18. Def FX - Light Speed Collision (6:52) "Live From Small Planet" CDEP, Small Planet, Lansing MI, USA, 31Jul93
19. Magic Dirt - Amoxycillin (4:44) "Rabbit With Fangs" CDEP, Big Day Out, Showgrounds, Melbourne, Jan97
20. Frente - What's Come Over Me (5:10) bonus disc with "Shape" CD, RMIT Student Union, Melbourne, 6Jun96

21. Velvet Underground - Afterhours (Moe Tucker vocals) (2:42) "Live MCMXCIII" 2CD, L'Olympia Theater, Paris, France, 15-17Jun93
22. Moe Tucker - Stayin' Out (4:08) "Oh No, They're Recording This Show" CD, l'Ubu, Rennes, France, 23Feb92
23. Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (5:59) "Live!" CD EP, Berkeley Community Theatre, (Berkeley CA, USA)?, 15May92
24. Breeders - Saints (3:26) "Live In Stockholm" CD, Gino, Stockholm, Sweden, 17May94
25. Pixies - Into The White (Kim Deal vocals) (3:30) "Death To The Pixies" 2CD, Vrendenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands, 25Sep90

26. Throwing Muses - Devils Roof (4:11) "The Curse" CD, Grand Theatre, Clapham, London, England, 8-9Oct92