Playlist for Program #16
Monday 17Aug98 12am-2am

Elvis Costello - in various collaborations/incarnations

1. with The Stiff Gang - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll & Chaos (5:42) "Stiffs Live Stiffs Live Stiffs Live Stiffs" CD, Lyceum Ballroom, London, England, 28Oct77

2. & The Attractions - Watching The Detectives (6:08) "Armed Forces" CD (reissue), Hollywood High School, Hollywood CA, USA, 4Jun78, originally from "Live At Hollywood High" limited bonus 7" with "Armed Forces" LP
3. & The Attractions - Radio, Radio (2:34) "Live At El Mocambo" CD (from "2 Years" 4CD box), El Mocambo Club, Toronto, Canada, 6Mar78
4. with Richard Hell & The Voidoids - You Gotta Lose (4:01) "Good Year For The Covers" bootleg CD, CBGB, New York City NY, USA, 10Oct78
5. & The Attractions - Psycho (3:37) "Almost Blue" CD (reissue), Palomino Club, North Hollywood CA, USA, 16Feb79
6. & The Attractions - The Imposter (2:10) various artists "Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea" 2LP, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 29Dec79

7. & The Attractions - Sittin' And Thinkin' (2:55) "Almost Blue" CD (reissue), Mean Machine, Aberdeen, Scotland, 30Jul81
8. & The Attractions - Everyday I Write The Book (2:21) "Punch The Clock CD (reissue), 1982
9. solo - The Only Flame In Town (4:13) "Goodbye Cruel World" CD (reissue), Warfield Theater, San Francisco CA, USA, Apr84
10. & The Attractions and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - I'm Your Toy (3:47) "Almost Blue" CD (reissue), Royal Albert Hall, London, 7Jan82
11. & The Confederates - That's How You Got Killed Before (2:41) "Live On Broadway, 1986" bonus CD with The Costello Show "King Of America" CD, New York City NY, USA, Oct86

12. & The Attractions - Many Rivers To Cross (2:44) various artists "Live For Ireland" CD, "Self-Aid" concert", RDS Showground, Dublin, Ireland, 17May86
13. with Neil Young - Alison (3:20) various artists "The Bridge School Concerts Vol. One" CD, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA, 1990
14. with The Grateful Dead - Lovelight (6:52) "Sweetwater" bootleg CD, Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA, USA, 29Apr89
15. & The Rude 5 - Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (4:51) various artists "The Unplugged Collection Volume 1" CD, Warner Studios, Hollywood CA, USA, 3Jun91

16. with The Brodsky Quartet - I Almost Had A Weakness (4:28) "Live At New York Town Hall" promotional CD, New York Town Hall, New York NY, USA, reissued on "Plugging The Gaps, Vol. 2" bootleg CD
17. with Paul McCartney - One After 909 (0:34+2:49) "The Rise & Rise Of Declan McManus" bootleg CD
18. with Bob Dylan - I Shall Be Released (6:20) "Supportive Measures" bootleg CD, Brixton Academy, London, England, 31Mar95
19. with Tony Bennett - They Can't Take That Away From Me (3:41) "They Can't Take That Away From Me" CDS, MTV "Unplugged", New York City NY, USA, 12Apr94
20. with Burt Bacharach - God Give Me Strength (3:49) various artists "Live On Letterman, Music From The Late Show" CD, CBS studios, New York City NY, USA, 25Feb97

21. & Steve Nieve - All This Useless Beauty (4:57) various artists "Live From 6A: Late Night With Conan O'Brien" CD, NBC studio 6A, New York City NY, USA, 21May96
22. with Bill Frisell - Deep Dead Blue (3:51) "Deep Dead Blue" CD, Meltdown Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall RFH2, London, England, 25Jun95
23. & Steve Nieve - medley (6:16) "For The First Time In America" 5CD box, Supper Club, New York NY, USA, 22May96, Alison/Living A Little, Laughing A Little/Tracks Of My Tears/Tears Of A Clown/No More Tearstained Make-Up, Clowntime Is Over

24. & Steve Nieve - Poor Fractured Atlas (4:58) "For The First Time In America" 5CD box, Troubador, Los Angeles CA, USA, 14May96

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