Playlist for Program #31
Thursday 10Dec98 10pm-12am

Andrew Entsch Andrew Nicholas Entsch
3 June 1965 - 5 December 1998
Special tribute program featuring recordings
from the musical career of Andrew Entsch,
PBS stalwart and presenter of PBS Live,
and a couple of his favourite bands recorded live

Some of the bands Andrew played with
1. Kim Salmon & Friends - tba (10:10) Great Britain Hotel, Melbourne, 1991?, PBS recording
2. Kim Salmon & STM - Hey Believer (3:39) "Hey Believer" CD, it was played by Kim Salmon at the wake 9Dec98
3. Kim Salmon & Friends - Desensitised (8:54) Great Britain Hotel, Melbourne, 1991?, PBS recording
4. King Idiot - Milk Bar (3:30) "King Idiot" CD, 'Live In Atlantis', Melbourne, Dec91
5. King Idiot - Wally The Birdman (5:42) PBS "Live In Your Lounge Room", 11Sep90
6. King Idiot - God (4:15) "King Idiot" CD, Andrew Entsch composition/vocals
7. Matt Walker & Friends - Black Rose (3:55) "Live At The Rainbow Hotel" CD, Rainbow Hotel, Melbourne, 7Oct95
8. Mighty Servant - What I Mean (2:58) "There's Life" CD, Andrew Entsch composition/vocals
9. Matt Walker & Friends - This Broken Sky (5:38) "Live At The Rainbow Hotel" CD, Rainbow Hotel, Melbourne, 7Oct95
10. Mighty Servant - Storm (5:00) "There's Life" CD
11. Hood - Every Bell In Town (4:53) "Every Bell In Town" CD, it was played by Robin Casinader at the graveyard service 9Dec98
12. Hood - Long Cigar (4:06) "PBS Live" 2Oct97, presented by Hugo Race as part of the Fringe Festival
13. Sweet Young Corn - tba (?:??) from a demo tape
14. Cat Power - He Turns Down (5:39) "Moon Pix" CD

Some other bands Andrew played with: Speil Azoi, Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric, Hose The Pig, Lewis Young & Friends.

A couple of Andrew's favourite artists:
15. Captain Beefheart - Peaches (6:04) "London 1974" CD, Theatre Royal, London, 9Jun74
16. Frank Zappa - Dickie's Such An Asshole (9:05) "Kill Ugly Radio" CD, also on "You Can't Play That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 3" 2CD
17. The Fall - Totally Wired (4:33) "Live To Air Melbourne 82" 2CD, Prince Of Wales Hotel, Melbourne, 2Aug82
18. The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded (5:22) "Backdrop" CD, originally from "Bang Zoom" tapezine issue 7
19. Velvet Underground - Heroin (8:14) "1969 Live, Volume 1" CD, San Francisco CA or Dallas TX, USA, late 1969

Andrew Entsch - Caught In The Net
  • The Age newspaper had a rather gauche article in EG 18Jun99 about Andrew Entsch and Norman Fagg

  • Driving home from Sydney
    thru the night
    Andrew the wild man...
    the educated wild man
    Us with eyes poppin' tears of laughter,
    Our cold, 3am, hume highway ears
    just burning with him feeding us
    snippets of his wild life.

    Sometimes on tour
    we'd lose Andrew
    For a day here or a night there.
    Maybe he'd be running a muck with
    his good buddy Charlie Quinn...
    He would always turn up though.

    Where ever you are now Andrew,
    let it be known,
    you are a treasure that will
    forever be missed.