I'm Diamond-Dave_ and you have found The Diamond Mine. Here you will find a collection of Gestures and Avatars used on VPlaces Chat. Belive me, it is only a small portion of them, but enough to get you started on your way to chatting with the pros. Some of the gestures are very basic hellos and good byes and some are neat little tell offs like "For god sakes please go download the chat software", and an icon that reads Dumb Ass Mug over a guests Java Talk mug. Those of you who chat in Vplaces, should know what I mean. There are also several grouped gestures for songs as you will find when you enter. The gestures listed now are in 2 files, a few I have made myself as I start making my own and those I have collected while searching for gestures for my chat or from those who gave them to me while in chat.

If you have any special requests please feel free to email me at diamond-dave_@iname.com.com

I have just added some rooms that you can go to for VP Chat, these are rooms you can access while in VPlaces.
Choose a different room, by clicking the room name.
[ Forever Friends | Diamond Creek | The Thunder Rolls | Diamond Falls | Diamond Speedway | Diamond Beach Sunset ]

Finally, before you leave, be sure to let me know you were here.

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