Stars and Angels

We all know that friends are the greatest thing in the world. They are there for us through hard times, fun times, any time! I love my friends... but they can also be the most evil people alive because they know all of your secrets, lies, and could just ruin your life if they wanted to. But, my friends are rad, and I only have good words for them all..

Tammy..... my cousin who I love like a sister. We hang out all the time and I never laugh harder with anyone than I do with Tammy. She's one of the most important people in my life. "Tastes like candy...."

Maria.... She is my everything, she is my nothing.

Heidi.... Oh, I could ramble about Heidi forever... she's this amazing, funny, sarcastic, actress who has invaded my life.... in a good way. She loves Fleetwood Mack and the movie Clue. My favorite word out of Heidi's mouth is "fuck".

Candice.... Really down to earth person and heart-to-heart girl once you get talkin' to her. Candice can be rowdy, however, and wake anyone up at the crack of dawn. Hilarious girl.

Jessica.... Jessica is a mystery to me, but a very close friend. She's like Japanese.... from food to music to... cartoons? (I'm guessing on this one, folks) She's a very pretty girl who is delirious on Fridays.

Stace aka Staci.... One mighty rad girl.... I have just gotten to know Staci, and am glad that I have. She thinks up the oddest stuff, but at the same time I think she's a genious. She always makes me laugh too...

Jill.... She's a very quiet, cute, little girl.... she's a riot when you get her going tho...and a lush, but don't tell anyone. She's a pure sweetie and I'm glad I've gotten to know her this year.

Jan (aka Lindsay Birch).... Lindsay and I used to hate each other, down to the point of her doing a voodoo doll of me! But, amazingly enough, we're really good friends now. Which is better, if you ask me. Jan is obsessed with N*Sync or however you write it, plays clarinet, is a babe, and uhm, makes me laugh when I'm down. Watch out kids, she's a nympho. ;)

Jimmy G.......Jimmy moved out to Okalhoma this summer, but he'll always be my pimp. Jimmy is a sex fiend, wrestling freak, ICP lover. He was one of my best friends here in Michigan.... he came and visited us recently... and boy oh boy... Jimmy's got a piece that everyone can share! ;)

Renee.... is my butterfly, faerie, and elephant girl. She's a riot and has really screwy, yet good, dreams. LITTLE CEASARS! ;) Love her to death.

Justin.... "The ex". Love this boy and always will. He made me think different, accept more things, be more open minded, and slow down in life.

Adam.... he is Tammy's boyfriend. He has to be the most odd person I know, but that just makes him even greater. He is the one who has introduced me to many, many new bands... and even though he doesn't really care for Tool, he still got me the cd the other day. Oh, and Adam loves it when I sing on his answering machine when he's gone.... he says he's making a compilation tape. ;)

Collin.....I met Mr. Collin back on May 15th and we just hit it off instantly. He's the most adorable guy you'll ever meet and he never stops smilling. Oh, did I mention I've never heard anyone play drums as good as he does? He's rad as hell and I hope I know him for a long long long time.

Madeline..."Where my girls at?" I met Madeline during soccer last year, worked with her over the summer, and have gotten to know her fairly well. She's very pretty, a soccer and football star, and one of my best friends. I'm going to miss her like hell when she goes off to college.

Al.....Al is Renee's little brother... he's infamous for telling jokes without a punchline, can scream like a girl, and has a sweet taste for music. His page is linked off of mine, go visit it.

Kasey Cornhole.. err Cornwell....Kasey is yet another one of the "girls" that I hang out with. She has a passion for Orangina (Orange Gina) and is an all around sweet-heart... once in a while she swears and it's the funniest thing on the face of the earth.

Heather....My other cousin that I hang with a lot. Heather can be a riot, or fairly scary, but either way I've grown up with her and have had so many good times with her and Tammy.... lots of memories.

Noel....I met Noel at a Sister 7 concert here in Flint. I got to know her real well and now Tammy and I go and visit her in Royal Oak a lot. Noel turned me into a hot tea junky, and is one of the craziest people I know. I'll never forget the show in Ferndale when she was stumbling around going, "Fuckkkkk youuuu." lol. Sorry, I had to.

Stephanie H.....My bestest online girl. I've known her for about 2 years now and if she lived in Michigan, or me in New Jersey, I'm sure we'd be best buds. She's one unique girl and a good listener. One day, we'll meet.

Molly....Maria's older sister...... Molly is just... great. She's free-flowing and one of those people that doesn't really give a shit, or so it seems. I've gotten to know Molly a lot better lately and she's greater than great itself.

Jason....This is Molly's boyfriend... one whako boy, that's all I can say. He's one of those damn hippies... ;)

Garrett....I met Garrett last year in school, but unfortunately he graduated last year and I don't see him that much now, but when I do, I still have a blast with him. He'll always be known to me as Master P.

Emily... She likes cloves.... and shows... and spends money really easily. Good friend of mine... really "emo".

Rachel... Rachel cuts her hair like it grows 15" every minute. She's close to bald right now. She's a sweet heart who is, in my opinion, "real". She's emiLy's best friend... and always answers the phone when she's over emily's house. she's steals from the video store too much.

Beth....Tammy's best friend. This is big red Beth..... she's a rap loving, billy idol girl who will make you laugh until it hurts. When I think of Beth, I think of a homeless retard, just because she can portray one so well.

Kelsey....I LOVE KELSEY aka Kitty. We have finally jammed together and played "Sweet Child of Mine" for the Prom Fashion Show. This girl likes to start smoking and then quit, be funny, and make odd noises.

Troy...Oh geez. I could ramble about Troy for hours. We're really close and I can proudly say he taught me how to snowboard and has improved my guitar skills. He's a well rounded instrument player and just a sweet guy. We've went to many a concert together and hopefully will stay close when his school year ends.

Cory P...CP. I kind of just started hanging out with Cory, since Maria's party when he sat in front of Collin and I and blocked the smoke from the fire for us. Cory looks so different than what you think he is. He's really a hilarious, out-spoken kind of guy. I could talk to Cory for hours!

Larua....One of my graduated friends *sniff,sniff*... I met Laura this year and she is just great. One of the whitest people I know, ;), she's one of the best photogs I know and can liven up a party in a minute.

Jamie...This is Laura's boyfriend. Jamie is yet one of the "individuals" in our school, has the goofiest laugh, and likes to make noises to annoy Laura by blowing over the hole in his pop bottles.

Ron....Ron complained to me the other nite that I didn't have anything on his part for my friends page, so here you go Ron. ;) I met Ron this year through one of the Vanderwerken boys, we started to hang out, and then my mom told me he was too old, so I haven't seen him in a while, but talk to him daily. I love Ron- he's so much like me - TECHNO!!!! He's got this awesome station on his TV that plays just techno/dance music - we could just sit in his living room and listen to it for hours. He is an open minded guy who doesn't give a shit about what people think about him - and that's what I like the most about him. He loves Sifl and Olly (the only other person I know who does besides me) and introduced me to the best thing; "Breakfast!!!" hah!

David B....I have known David since about 5th or 6th grade. I just got to be more of friends with him this year, and as I'm typing this he's giving me a back massage - so as you can see, Dave is very very awesome. He loves KoRn and Limp Bizkit and is a computer genious. I'm going to go crash his house this summer and go swimming all the time.

Scott..Scottie B. is the man. He got hit by a car once, but that's besides the point. Scott's a techno-rave loving freak and is a perverted little bastard. I've hung with Scott on and off since 4th grade and hopefully I'll always know him.

Stephanie J.....Jones is what I've always called Stephanie (being her last name) and she has always called me "Dogg" or "Doggie". I have no clue as to why. Steph is this huge weirdo who is cracked out most of the time, but has been my friend since 5th grade even though we're really different. She always tells me I'm a huge individual, and I just nod and tell her "ok.".

Derek B....Well, he's always laughing, and is very loud, but can be funny sometimes. He's really good at webpages and helped me on mine when I first started out. We hung out a lot this summer and he gave out "vital" info to me.. ;) when I needed him to. He was my Warped Tour buddy and I wish him the greatest of luck to find a goth girl for himself...

Kristen....Farrot! Hah, Kristen and I started chattin' about last year and we became real good friends after a local concert (mag 44). She's got a cool haircut, dresses really neat and has an awesome taste in music. LESS THAN JAKE ROCKS!!!!

Cory M...Cory is Kelsey's older brother who is going away to college this summer. He is an awesome drummer who is very studdly and great to chat with.

Meghan...Meghan and I met this year, kinda, and she's just crazy. That's all I can say, she is really crazy, but I love to chill with her and have girls' nite outs with her - so she's not THAT psycho. ;) She likes to... sing.

Schultz....Well, technically she is no longer "Schultz" because she recently got married, but we'll always call her that. Jen is my soccer coach/old boss/good friend who I love dearly. I went to Cedar Point with her once and had a riot. I wish her the best of luck now that she's joined the marriage club.

Laurel....This is Meg's little sister, but who is in my class. She's a singer and is always smiling. She just makes you smile when you see her.

and of course there are other "friendlies" and people I talk to... but this list is already rediculous.. you want to only name a few close friends but then feel oblidged to name everyone.