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Dave Markle - 10/15/00 21:23:29
My Email:markle@cmn.net


Robin Menken - 10/14/00 06:35:52
My Email:yansa@aol.com
Favorite Book: JANE GASKill-check her out
Where you are from: L.A. formerly Chicago

I'm researching music for a film soundtrack-ran across your site. Can you send me a review copy

Alastair Moock - 09/08/00 16:36:20
My URL:http://www.moock.com
My Email:moock@moock.com
Where you are from: Boston, MA

Hey Blue. I sent you my CD at WTJU last year and am now planning a first tour to the VA/DC area in October. I'd love to hear any advice you might have as a dj and performer about venues in the area. I can use all the help I can get. Also, I don't know if you're interested or even do that sort of thing, but I'd love to set-up a radio interview while I'm down there. Thanks so much, A

Andrea - 08/17/00 15:38:30
My Email:zuehlsdorff@gmx.de
Favorite Book: Das Kartengeheimnis-Jostein Gaardner
Favorite Website: www.mtv2.com
Where you are from: South Germany

Hy Renee, I checked your side, because I´m back from France. It`s brillant reading about you. I would love to hear your music instead of listening with you to spanish guitarsounds, what also was a wonderful evening in Nürtingen which I´ll never forget!! Love Andi

jean bouchard - 05/17/00 00:52:59
My Email:jeanb@cwk.imag.net
Favorite Book: Dorian Gray
Favorite Website: Holocaust Forum @ about.com
Where you are from: Mom basically put entered in Ne Brunswick Canada

Gool y Blue there is more tp then realized from th Guitar Forum. Wonderful stuff.

Lisa Abed - 04/09/00 00:26:15
My Email:amarine@one.net
Favorite Book: Psalms - not sure yet
Favorite Website: Classical Guitar
Where you are from: Originally Illinois

Hi Renee, I would love to hear you play - do you have any CD's out? Also, would like to send you an email. Best regards, Lisa

Henry Wiencek - 01/22/00 13:08:47
My Email:hsw@cstone.net

I flipped on your show last night (1/22/00) and heard some fantastic music, but I missed the IDs. Could you tell me the names of the last three pieces you played last night? Love the show.

Paul - 01/10/00 20:55:45
My Email:pdb@europe.com

greetings from Holland.... what's up Renee? Are you alright? I hope hearing from you as you can. Love, Paul

Sadie McGrew - 01/07/00 21:04:54
My Email:mcgroovy99@aol.com
Where you are from: Indiana


Julia Altstatt - 01/07/00 04:55:24
My URL:http://www.pressroom.com/~julia
My Email:jaltstatt@pressroom.com
Favorite Book: Beyond the Mountain, Elizabeth Arthur
Favorite Website: www.firstlook.com
Where you are from: Leesburg, VA

Like to hear your stuff sometime. Come to my gig and sit in! (friday, jan 7th, Charlottesville Starbucks)

John Moody - 01/03/00 01:46:31
My Email:moodsy@execpc.com
Favorite Book: Steal This Book
Favorite Website: Park Ridge's Greatest Mysteries
Where you are from: 57 Summit

Blue, I saw you jammin at the No Exit Cafe back during your cabbage and soup days, on a very cold night in January, and you just warmed my heart forever! Do you remember the free concert you put on for the natives at the Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation?

Don Mayo - 11/03/99 13:37:25
My Email:donald.mayo@bms.com
Favorite Book: "The Palm at the End of the Mind" by Wallace Stevens
Where you are from: NJ

Hi Blue, I lived in Charlottesville in the early 80's (undergrad). I really enjoyed WTJU back then. Do you still do a mix of Classical/Jazz/Folk? There was also a rock station: WUVA. Are they still around? I went to the GFA in SC and had a great time. I'm a clasical guitar player, studying with Alice Artzt. Regards, Don

Jack Quigley - 10/13/99 06:45:02
My URL:http://listen.to/JackQuigley
Favorite Website: http://listen.to/JackQuigley
Where you are from: Washington, DC

Great site you have here. I really enjoyed my visit. Keep up the great work. Have a great day and take care. Best of luck with your musical endeavors!

Vivienne McLaughlin - 07/05/99 15:12:31
My Email:vahidm@bellsouth.net
Favorite Book: ? Thus Spake Zarathustra
Favorite Website: Classical Midi Archives
Where you are from: New York / Miami

As Adorno says, music is highly influential, and among the most powerful elements of culture. Its power is in its ability to mold a lifestyle for the individual. It is creation, and beckons creativity, as such it is a catalyst for social change. And it sa isfies one's longing for the transcendental - the primitive notions of the liberation myth - with temporal freedom and gratification. Even more so for those of us who play it, and bear its divine mystery. - V.

Heather De Mian - 06/30/99 20:20:13
My Email:DremelKSDS@aol.com
Where you are from: Missouri

Hi Blue! Thanks for all your support for David and his staff and family here in KC!!!! -Heather & Dremel

Shelley Rogers - 06/30/99 00:36:06
My Email:shelllr@aol.com
Favorite Book: too many!!
Favorite Website: music/radio
Where you are from: Blue Springs, MO.

Hi Blue- I'm David Robinson's assistant at The Whole Person in KC and I've heard a lot of really nice things about you! Be nice to meet you sometime-feel free to e-mail me! Shelley

David - 06/29/99 16:18:41
My Email:DCRinKC@aol.com
Favorite Book: The Hyperion series by Dan Simmons
Favorite Website: Heckler's Online
Where you are from: there

The experience of our evolving relationship is one of the joys of my life.

james dowdall - 06/01/99 18:41:45
My Email:James_Dowdall@sonymusic.com
Where you are from: New York

Pls send james any info on your music or call him directly at 212-833-8124. Thanks- Liz Kelly (assistant)

tammy brackett - 04/02/99 01:29:26
My Email:laughnmoon@aol.com
Favorite Book: harriet the spy
Favorite Website: ??
Where you are from: columbia sc

hey blue, what a great biography. i started playing when i was l0...my first guitar was a HARMONY!! used to pretend i was elvis on the flat concrete slab atop the brick steps to my parents house ahhhh those were the days. now i just book music, "glory days..they'll pass you by..." tammy laughing moon productions

Hermas - 03/25/99 20:34:03


Lynisa - 03/25/99 20:10:15
My Email:AsinyL@aol.com
Favorite Book: Stranger in A Strange Land
Favorite Website: bluemnt cards
Where you are from: KC, MO, USA

Listening to Blue on stage - - ahhh, nothing is sweeter - -

Renee - 03/16/99 18:35:41
My Email:blue@virginia.edu
Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Where you are from: Chicago

Keep up the great work!

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