Gravity Kills Tour Date Archive

This file contains dates, cities, and venues of the several hundred Gravity Kills live shows that happened while the band existed. Although it is almost complete, it is not definitive. If you went to a GK concert and you know the date and venue, please check to see if it is here. If it is not, or if some information is incorrect, email me about it. Although I have meticulously collected tour itineraries and copied down dates as they happened, I'm sure I missed a few shows. Also, tour information changes quite often, so some of these shows could have been cancelled or moved without my knowledge. Additional thanks to Kurt Kerns for reviewing this page and providing further information that was missing.


This file was last updated on 3/27/08.

DATE      CITY                 VENUE/NOTES
11/04/95  St. Louis, MO        The Other World (1st show ever)

(several shows opening for Sister Machine Gun and Die Krupps)

12/02/95  St. Louis, MO        The Galaxy Club
12/09/95  Chicago, IL          Cabaret Metro
12/14/95  Washington, DC       The Black Cat
12/15/95  Philadelphia, PA     Asylum
12/16/95  Boston, MA           Axis

(GK did not play any other dates on the 1995 SMG / Die Krupps tour)

01/27/96  Phoenix, AZ          (Kurt: "radio show for Super Bowl")

(begin High Octane Tour with Sister Machine Gun)

02/02/96  Normal, IL           IL State Univ. (w/ Lick)
02/03/96  Champaign, IL        Mabel's
02/04/96  Ames, IA             People's (9:00 pm show)
02/04/96  Ames, IA             People's (12:30pm show)   
02/05/96  Louisville, KY       Toy Tiger
02/06/96  Cincinatti, OH       Bogart's (WOXY radio show)
02/08/96  Atlanta, GA          Masquerade (Impotent Sea Snakes also played)
02/09/96  Charlotte, NC        Amos
02/10/96  Myrtle Beach, SC     The Head Room
02/11/96  Greenville, SC       Gargoyle's
02/13/96  Charleston, SC       Acme
02/14/96  Fayetteville, SC     Flaming Mug
02/15/96  Huntsville, AL       Vapors
02/16/96  Nashville, TN        Cannery
02/17/96  Macon, GA            Elizabeth Reed Music Hall
02/19/96  Baton Rouge, LA      AAA
02/21/96  St. Louis, MO        Galaxy Club (w/ Stabbing Westward (not SMG), videotaped)
02/22/96  Springfield, MO      Regency Showcase
02/23/96  Lafeyette, LA        Grant Street
02/24/96  New Orleans, LA      Kenny's Key West
02/25/96  Memphis, TN          616
02/26/96  Nashville, TN        328 Performance Hall
02/28/96  Little Rock, AR      Juanita's
02/29/96  Huntsville, TX       Tin Can
03/01/96  Tulsa, OK            Ikon
03/02/96  Dallas, TX           Deep Ellum Live
03/04/96  S. Padre Island, TX  Charlie's
03/05/96  Austin, TX           Liberty Lunch (free show)
03/06/96  Bryan, TX            Dixie Theater
03/07/96  Houston, TX          Millennium
03/09/96  Salt Lake City, UT   Salt Air Resort (X96 Radio show)
03/10/96  Boca Raton, FL       (CANCELLED)
03/11/96  Orlando, FL          Sapphire Supper Club
03/12/96  Pensacola, FL        Seville Quarter
03/14/96  Tallahassee, FL      The Moon (did this happen?)
03/15/96  Jacksonville, FL     Milk Bar
03/16/96  Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Nemesis
03/17/96  Ft. Meyers, FL       Pyramid's
03/18/96  Panama City, FL      Club La Vela (possibly moved to Stewart, FL)
03/19/96  Tampa, FL            Empire
03/20/96  Daytona Beach, FL    Club Mirage
03/21/96  Paradise Island, SC  The Flamingo (aka Flamingo Bingo)
03/23/96  Washington, D.C.     Capitol Ballroom (Big Hate also opened - great show)
03/24/96  Virginia Beach, VA   The Abyss
03/25/96  Asbury Park, NJ      Stone Pony (WHTG Radio show)
03/26/96  Portland, ME         Zootz (CANCELLED)
03/27/96  Boston, MA           Axis (CANCELLED)
03/28/96  Providence, RI       The Strand (reviewed for 08/96 Details mag)
03/29/96  New York, NY         Coney Island High (video exists)
03/30/96  Miami, FL            Extreme Games (Port Chester, NY show was cancelled)
03/31/96  Buffalo, NY          The Continental
04/02/96  State College, PA    Crowbar
04/03/96  Camp Hill, PA        Zee's (GK did not play)
04/04/96  Huntington, WV       Drop Shop (GK did not play)

(early end of tour dates with SMG)

04/??/96  Omaha, NE            unknown venue (info from Kurt)
04/??/96  Boston, MA           Avalon (info from Kurt)
04/13/96  Philadelphia, PA     Fubar (free show, ages 21+)
04/??/96  Tulsa, OK            unknown festival (the band talks about this)

(begin US tour with Love in Reverse, ends when?)

04/19/96  Austin, TX           Austin Music Hall (Modern English also played)
04/20/96  Houston, TX          Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Buzzfest, DAT taped)
04/21/96  Dallas, TX           Starplex (Edgefest, taped for RealAudio stream)
04/22/96  Dallas, TX           KDGE radio show (Jeff interview, audio exists)
04/24/96  Cambridge, MA        Middle East
04/25/96  Rochester, NY        New York Nites
04/27/96  Phoenix, AZ          Encanto Park
04/29/96  Denver, CO           Lion's Lair
04/30/96  Salt Lake City, UT   DV8
05/03/96  San Antonio, TX      Sunken Gardens
05/04/96  San Diego, CA        Mission Bay Park
05/05/96  San Diego, CA        Brick by Brick 
05/07/96  Los Angeles, CA      The Whisky
05/08/96  Los Angeles, CA      Dragonfly
05/10/96  San Jose, CA         Cactus Club
05/11/96  San Fransisco, CA    Chrissy Field
05/12/96  San Fransisco, CA    DNA Lounge
05/14/96  Sacramento, CA       Press Club
05/17/96  Portland, OR         La Luna ("Lo-Dough Show" - $2)
05/18/96  Seattle, WA          Pier 62-63
05/19/96  Seattle, WA          Pioneer Square Theater
05/22/96  Chicago, IL          Cabaret Metro
05/23/96  Cincinatti, OH       Second Floor
05/24/96  Toledo, OH           The Asylum

(assume tour with Love in Reverse ends 05/24)

(random shows before tour with Nixons)

05/25/96  Sommerset, WI        Edgefest 3 (w/ many bands, DAT audio exists)
05/27/96  St. Louis, MO        Riverport Ampitheater (Pointfest 5, w/ many bands)
05/??/96  St. Louis, MO        Blue Note (end of the month seems likely)
05/30/96  Grand Rapids, MI     The Orbit Room
05/31/96  Pittsburgh, PA       Revolution Revolt 
06/02/96  Camden, NJ           WDREfest (w/ many bands, DAT taped) 

(begin Seagram's 7 Dollar Bill Tour with the Nixons, earlier shows possible)

06/??/96  Providence, RI       Club Babyhead (WFNX show in early June, unsure of date)
06/06/96  Chicago, IL          Double Door (DAT taped)
06/08/96  Albuquerque, NM      Zone Complex (Edgefest 2)
06/09/96  Cleveland, OH        Peabody's Down Under
06/10/96  Albany, NY           Bogies (audio exists)
06/12/96  Philadelphia, PA     Fubar (DAT taped)
06/13/96  New York, NY         Tramps
06/14/96  Boston, MA           Mama Kin
06/15/96  New York, NY         South Street Seaport (day show)
06/15/96  Asbury Park, NJ      Stone Pony (night show)
06/16/96  Pittsburgh, PA       Metropol (CANCELLED)
06/16/96  Providence, RI (?)   X-Games show (unsure of city/venue)
06/18/96  Charleston, SC       Music Farm
06/19/96  Tampa, FL            The Rubb
06/20/96  Tallahassee, FL      Moon
06/21/96  New Orleans, LA      House of Blues
06/24/96  Mesa, AZ             Gibson's 
06/25/96  San Diego, CA        Mayan Theater
06/27/96  Pomona, CA           Glass Palace
06/28/96  Los Angeles, CA      The Whisky (sbd taped for FM, Hog also played)
07/03/96  Milwaukee, WI        Summerfest (w/ many bands, taped for FM)
07/05/96  Dallas, TX           Deep Ellum Live (Q102 free show)
07/10/96  St. Louis, MO        Mississippi Nights
07/11/96  St. Louis, MO        Mississippi Nights
07/12/96  Mosport, ONT         Eden Music Festival
07/13/96  Portland, OR         Timberbowl (KUFO Rock Fest w/ many bands)
07/14/96  Bonner, KS           Sandstone Ampitheater (w/ many bands)
07/??/96  Indianapolis, IN     unknown venue (info from Kurt)
07/17/96  Ft. Wayne, IN        Three Rivers Festival (WEJE Radio show)
07/24/96  Minneapolis, MN      First Avenue 
07/25/96  Omaha, NE            Ranch Bowl
07/27/96  Grand Rapids, MI     Reptile House
07/28/96  Lansing, MI          WDBZ Buzzfest (w/ many bands)
07/29/96  Tulsa, OK            Ikon

(end dates with the Nixons)

(begin dates opening for the Sex Pistols - SW & Goldfinger on some shows)

07/31/96  Denver, CO           Red Rocks (w/ Stabbing Westward)
08/01/96  Mountain View, CA    Shoreline Ampitheater (Camp Kome Festival, w/ many bands)
08/02/96  Dallas, TX           Dallas Music Complex (w/ SW)
08/03/96  Houston, TX          International Ballroom (w/ SW)
08/04/96  Memphis, TN          Mud Island (w/ SW)
08/06/96  Fairfax, VA          GMU Patriot Center (w/ Goldfinger, audio exists, moved from 08/05)
08/07/96  New York, NY         K-Rock Radio show (acoustic)
08/07/96  New York, NY         Roseland Ballroom (w/ SW, moved from 08/06)
08/08/96  Hollywood, CA        Escape from LA movie premiere (w/ Toadies)
08/09/96  New York, NY         Roseland Ballroom (w/ SW, DAT taped)
08/10/96  Boston, MA           Great Woods Center (w/ Goldfinger)
08/12/96  Toronto, ONT         Molson Ampitheatre (w/ Goldfinger)
08/13/96  Cleveland, OH        Nautica Stage (w/ Goldfinger)
08/14/96  Pittsburgh, PA       Metropol (w/ SW, no Sex Pistols, moved from IC Light Amp.)
08/16/96  Detroit, MI          Cobo Hall (w/ SW)
08/17/96  Chicago, IL          Aragon Ballroom (w/ Goldfinger)
08/18/96  Milwaukee, WI        Eagles Ballroom (w/ Goldfinger)
08/22/96  Universal City, CA   Universal Ampitheatre (w/ Goldfinger)
08/23/96  Hollywood, CA        Palladium (w/ Goldfinger, moved from 08/24)
08/24/96  Las Vegas, NV        Freemont Blues & Reggae Club (no Sex Pistols)
08/25/96  Hollywood, CA        Palladium (w/ Goldfinger)
08/27/96  Mountain View, CA    Shoreline Ampitheater (w/ Goldfinger)
08/29/96  Portland, OR         Civic Stadium (w/ Goldfinger, moved from Timberbowl)
08/30/96  Seattle, WA          Bumbershoot Festival (w/ many bands)
08/31/96  Vancouver, BC        PNE Forum (GK did not play)

(end of tour with Sex Pistols)

(cancelled dates due to illness)

09/07/96  East Troy, WI        Alpine Valley Music Theater  CANCELLED
09/08/96  Madison, WI          Barrymore Theater            CANCELLED
09/09/96  Minneapolis, MN      Ground Zero                  CANCELLED
09/10/96  Lincoln, NE          Royal Grove                  CANCELLED
09/11/96  Springfield, MO      Juke Joint                   CANCELLED
09/12/96  Columbia, MO         Blue Note                    CANCELLED
09/13/96  Lawrence, KS         Liberty Hall                 CANCELLED
09/14/96  Tulsa, OK            Mohawk Park                  CANCELLED
09/18/96  Nashville, TN        328 Performance Hall         CANCELLED
09/20/96  Birmingham, AL       Nick                         CANCELLED

(end cancelled dates)

(begin tour with Republica, later dates moved around)

09/19/96  Lexington, KY        Masterson Station Park
09/21/96  Atlanta, GA          Lakewood Ampitheater (99X festival w/ many bands)
09/22/96  Jacksonville, FL     Milk Bar
09/23/96  Orlando, FL          Sapphire Supper Club
09/24/96  Gainesville, FL      Purple Porpoise Oyster Pub (Republica did not play)
09/25/96  West Palm Beach, FL  Respectable St. Cafe
09/26/96  Tampa, FL            The Rubb
09/27/96  Pensacola, FL        Nightowl
09/28/96  New Orleans, LA      Howlin' Wolf
09/30/96  Philadelphia, PA     33rd Street (very doubtful)
10/01/96  Houston, TX          Numbers
10/02/96  Austin, TX           Liberty Lunch
10/03/96  San Antonio, TX      Sneakers
10/04/96  Dallas, TX 	       Deep Ellum Live
10/05/96  Salt Lake City, UT   KXRK Radio Festival
10/06/96  Oklahoma City, OK    Diamond Ballroom (moved from 10/05 Bricktown Brewery)
10/08/96  Nashville, TN	       328 Performance Hall
10/09/96  Cincinnati, OH       Club Gotham
10/10/96  Virginia Beach, VA   The Abyss
10/11/96  Washington, DC       Capitol Ballroom (moved from 10/12 @ 9:30 Club, Richmond cancelled)
10/14/96  Baltimore, MD        Hammerjack's (CANCELLED)
10/15/96  State College, PA    Crowbar 
10/17/96  Albany, NY           Saratoga Winners (Boston MA was cancelled?)  
10/18/96  Providence, RI       Club Babyhead (moved from 10/20)
10/19/96  Baltimore, MD        Bohaggers (WIYY show, DAT taped)
10/20/96  Philadelphia, PA     Trocadero (moved from 10/15)
10/21/96  Pittsburgh, PA       Metropol (moved from 10/28)
10/22/96  Boston, MA           (probably cancelled)
10/23/96  New York, NY         WRNU Radio show 
10/23/96  New York, NY         Irving Plaza (moved from 10/18, Montreal was cancelled)
10/24/96  New Haven, CT        Toad's Place (moved from 10/19)
10/25/96  Old Bridge, NJ       Birch Hill Nite Club (moved from 10/17)
10/26/96  Rochester, NY        Water Street Music Hall (moved from 10/25)
10/27/96  Buffalo, NY          Ogden Street Music Hall (moved from 10/26 @ Icon)
10/28/96  Toronto, ONT         Opera House (moved from 10/24 @ Lee's Place)
10/30/96  Hollywood, CA        American Legion Hall (KROQ Halloween show, w/ Tool)
10/31/96  St. Louis, MO        American Theatre (w/ Radio Iodine, audience and pro videos exist, Detroit cancelled)
11/01/96  Columbia, MO         The Blue Note (1st show) 
11/02/96  Columbia, MO         The Blue Note (2nd show)
11/03/96  Chicago, IL          The Vic
11/05/96  Cleveland, OH        Odeon Concert Club (moved from 10/30)

(end dates with Republica)

(begin dates with NY Loose and I Mother Earth, Local H some dates)

11/06/96  Detroit, MI          St. Andrews Hall
11/07/96  Columbus, OH         Alrosa
11/08/96  Toledo, OH           Asylum
11/12/96  Kalamazoo, MI        Warehouse
11/13/96  Indianapolis, IN     Emerson Theater
11/14/96  Milwaukee, WI        Majeska
11/15/96  Dallas, TX           Rehab Lounge (yes, this did happen)
11/16/96  Minneapolis, MN      First Avenue
11/18/96  Denver, CO           Ogden Theater
11/19/96  Salt Lake City, UT   DV8
11/21/96  Vancouver, BC        Town Pump
11/22/96  Seattle, WA          RCKNDY
11/23/96  Portland, OR         La Luna
11/25/96  San Francisco, CA    Great American Music Hall
11/26/96  Los Angeles, CA      The Whisky (audio exists)

(end shows with NY Loose and I Mother Earth)

(begin mini-tour... dates believed complete)

12/01/96  Chicago, IL          Rosemont Horizon (Q101 Twisted Xmas, w/ several bands, DAT taped)
12/03/96  Boston, MA           House of Blues
12/05/96  Detroit, MI          The Met
12/06/96  Tulsa, OK            Brady Theater (w/ several bands)
12/09/96  San Diego, CA        Hurricanes Club (w/ NY Loose and Stir)
12/11/96  Las Vegas, NV        Huntridge Theater 
12/12/96  San Jose, CA         San Jose State Event Center
12/13/96  Dallas, TX           Fair Park Coliseum (KDGE semi-acoustic Xmas w/ many bands)
12/14/96  Albuquerque, NM      The Zone
12/15/96  Tempe, AZ            Electric Ballroom (video exists)

(end US dates for 1996 - I list 216 shows, Jeff once said there were 218)

(begin European tour with Skunk Anansie)

01/13/97  Amsterdam, HOL       Paradiso
01/14/97  Groningen, HOL       Martin Hall
01/16/97  Nijkegen, HOL        De Vareen
01/17/97  Tilberg, HOL         Mooro
01/18/97  Brussels, BEL        Ancienne Belgique (video exists)
01/20/97  Strasbourg, FRA      La Laiterie
01/21/97  Lille, FRA           Splendid (audio exists)
01/22/97  Paris, FRA           Elysee Montmarte
01/24/97  Brest, FRA           Le Family
01/25/96  Nantes, FRA          L'Olympic
01/26/97  Bordeaux, FRA        Le 45 Ans
01/28/97  Toulouse, FRA        Le Bikini
01/30/97  Barcelona, SPA       Zeleste II
01/31/97  Madrid, SPA          Kiendral
02/01/97  Gergara, SPA         The Jam Club
02/03/97  Montpellier, FRA     Victoire
02/04/97  London, UK           Splash Club (info from Kurt)
02/05/97  Rome, ITA            Frontiera
02/06/97  Modena, ITA          Vox Club
02/07/97  Milan, ITA           Rolling Stone
02/08/97  Fribourg, SWI        Fri-Son
02/09/97  Zurich, SWI          Volkhaus
02/11/97  Linz, AUT            Posthof
02/12/97  Vienna, AUT          Ba Halle
02/13/97  Nuremberg, GER       Forum
02/14/97  Munich, GER          Babylon
02/16/97  Stuttgart, GER       Longhorn
02/17/97  Frankfurt, GER       Batschkapp
02/18/97  Dusseldorf, GER      Tor 3
02/20/97  Bielefeld, GER       Hechelei
02/21/97  Hamburg, GER         Markthalle
02/22/97  Berlin, GER          Huxley's
02/24/97  Halle, GER           Easy Schorre
02/25/97  Copenhagen, DEN      K.B. Hallen
02/26/97  Stockholm, SWE       Cirkus
02/27/97  Oslo, NOR            Rockefeller
03/01/97  Bergen, NOR          Rokeriet
03/02/97  Stavanger, NOR       Folken
03/03/97  Trondheim, NOR       Studentersamfundet
03/05/97  Halmo, SWE           Baltiskhallen
03/08/97  Gothenburg, SWE      Liesebergshallen
03/11/97  Nottingham, UK       Rock City 
03/12/97  Glasgow, SCO         Barrowlands 
03/13/97  Manchester, UK       Apollo 
03/14/97  Bristol, UK          Colston Hall 
03/15/97  Birmingham, UK       Aston Villa Leisure Centre 
03/16/97  London, UK           The Garage 
03/17/97  Watford, UK          Colosseum 
03/18/97  London, UK           Brixton Academy 

(end of dates for European tour with Skunk Anansie)

(begin select US shows in '97)

04/05/97  Tampa, FL            Livestock (WXTB Festival) 
04/18/97  Norfolk, VA          The Boathouse (WNOR free festival w/ Sevendust and Mindset)
04/19/97  Orlando, FL          Tsunami Beach Club (WJRR Fest)
05/03/97  Rolla, MO            Gale-Bullman Building, Univ. of Missouri (with The Urge)
05/24/97  Las Vegas, NV        KXTE "Damn Big Show"
05/26/97  Boston, MA           Mama Kin (107.3 WAAF show with The Odds, FM broadcast from sbd)
05/30/97  San Antonio, TX      Sunken Gardens (99.5 KISS Festival - audio exists)
07/02/97  Milwaukee, WI        Summerfest (Lazer 103 FM broadcast from sbd) 
07/05/97  Daytona Beach, FL    WKRO Festival     
07/26/97  Sacramento, CA       KRXQ Festival 
08/02/97  St. Louis, MO        Homegrown '97
08/09/97  Indianapolis, IN     WRZX Festival (audio exists)
08/31/97  Phoenix, AZ          AWA (video exists)
09/06/97  Chicago, IL          Rockstock (WRCX festival with many bands)
09/13/97  Charlotte, NC        Blockbuster Pavilion (WEND festival - DAT audio exists)
10/16/97  Chicago, IL          Q101 Festival

(begin select US shows in '98)

04/19/98  San Antonio, TX      Our Lady of the Lake Univ. (audio and videos exist)
05/09/98  Tulsa, OK            Mohawk Park (KMYZ Fest with many bands - audio exists)

(begin dates with Junkie XL and Pitchshifter)

05/17/98  St. Lois, MO         Riverport Ampitheatre (moved from 5/24, info from Kurt)
05/18/98  Omaha, NE            unknown radio show (info from Kurt)
05/22/98  Ft. Wayne, IN        Ft. Wayne Coliseum
05/25/98  Council Bluffs, IA   Westfair Ampitheatre
06/03/98  Cambridge, MA        Middle East (pro audio exists)
06/04/98  Pittsburgh, PA       Club Laga
06/05/98  Cleveland, OH        Peabody's Down Under
06/06/98  Detroit, MI          Shelter (St. Andrews Hall)
06/07/98  Chicago, IL          The Metro (audio exists)
06/10/98  Lawrence, KS         The Bottleneck
06/11/98  Wichita, KS          unknown venue (info from Kurt)
06/12/98  Columbia, MO         The Blue Note (audio exists)
06/15/98  Little Rock, AR      Juanita's
06/17/98  Oklahoma City, OK    Will Rogers Theatre
06/18/98  Dallas, TX           Deep Ellum Live
06/19/98  San Antonio, TX      White Rabbit
06/20/98  Austin, TX           Liberty Lunch
06/21/98  Houston, TX          Numbers
06/22/98  New Orleans, LA      House of Blues
06/24/98  Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
06/25/98  Tampa, FL            The Rubb
06/26/98  West Palm Beach, FL  Respectable Street Cafe (this show did happen)
06/27/98  Jacksonville, FL     The Milk Bar
06/28/98  Atlanta, GA          The Point (moved from the Cellar)
06/29/98  Birmingham, AL       unknown venue (info from Kurt)
06/30/98  Memphis, TN          New Daisy Theatre
07/01/98  Milwaukee, WI        Summerfest (this show was recorded)
07/02/98  Springfield, MO      Juke Joint
07/07/98  El Paso, TX          Club 101
07/08/98  Albuquerque, NM      The Zone
07/09/98  Tempe, AZ            Gibson's
07/10/98  Las Vegas, NV        Huntridge Theatre
07/11/98  San Diego, CA        Cane's
07/14/98  West Hollywood, CA   Troubador
07/15/98  San Francisco, CA    Bottom of the Hill
07/16/98  Reno, NV             Delmar Station
07/18/98  Seattle, WA          RKCNDY
07/19/98  Vancouver, BC        unknown venue (info from Kurt)
07/21/98  Salt Lake City, UT   DV8
07/22/98  Denver, CO           Ogden Theater
07/23/98  Omaha, NE            Ranch Bowl
07/24/98  Minneapolis, MN      Ground Zero (video exists)
07/27/98  Madison, WI          unknown venue (info from Kurt)
07/28/98  Des Moines, IA       Safari Club
07/29/98  Indianapolis, IN     Emerson Theater
07/30/98  Grand Rapids, MI     Intersection (Junkie XL did not play)
07/31/98  Estacada, OR         Timberbowl
08/01/98  Rochester, NY        Water Street Music Hall (pro audio exists)
08/02/98  Toronto, ONT         Lee's Place (moved from Buffalo @ Showplace Theatre)
08/04/98  Portland, ME         The Asylum (moved from NYC Irving Plaza)
08/05/98  Providence, RI       Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
08/06/98  New Haven, CT        Toad's Place
08/07/98  Northampton, MA      Pearl St. Nightclub
08/08/98  Oldbridge, NJ        Birch Hill Nightclub
08/09/98  Philadelphia, PA     Trocadero (POSTPONED to 09/09)
08/11/98  Baltimore, MD        unknown venue (info from Kurt)
08/12/98  Washington, DC       The Ballroom
08/13/98  Myrtle Beach, SC     House of Blues
08/14/98  Charlotte, NC        Tremont Music Hall
08/15/98  Indianapolis, IN     unknown venue (info from Kurt)
08/16/98  Minneapolis, MN      Cedar Fest (93X Main Stage)
08/19/98  LaCrosse, WI         Hollywood Theater
08/20/98  Peoria, IL           Madison Theater (video exists)
08/21/98  Kansas City, MO      City Market
08/22/98  Wichita, KS          Kansas Coliseum
08/24/98  New York, NY         Irving Plaza (moved to 09/10?)
08/25/98  Lancaster, PA        Chameleon Club
08/26/98  State College, PA    Crowbar
08/27/98  Cincinatti, OH       Bogart's (moved to Top Cats?)
08/29/98  St. Louis, MO        Riverport Ampitheater
08/30/98  Buffalo, NY          LaSalle Park
09/04/98  Bonner Springs, KS   Sandstone Ampitheater
09/06/98  Madison, WI          Taste of Madison
09/09/98  Philadelphia, PA     Trocadero
09/10/98  New York, NY         Irving Plaza
09/12/98  Worcester, MA        Alden Hall (WPI)
09/13/98  Columbus, OH         unknown venue (info from Kurt)
09/19/98  Columbia, MO         Boone County Fairgrounds
09/20/98  Sacramento, CA       Memorial Auditorium
09/25/98  Charlotte, NC        Carolina MusicFest (DAT audio exists)
09/26/98  Huntington, WV       Ritter Park Ampitheatre (DAT audio exists)
09/27/98  Toledo, OH           Toledo Sports Arena (video exists)

(random shows)

10/23/98  Amarillo, TX         Rt. 66 Roadhouse
10/24/98  Odessa, TX           Dos Amigos
10/25/98  San Antonio, TX      Sunken Gardens (99.5 KISS fall festival)
10/26/98  Corpus Christi, TX   Buckets
10/28/98  Tulsa, OK            Cain's Ballroom
10/29/98  Fayetteville, AR     JR's Dickson St. Ballroom
10/30/98  Sacramento, CA       unknown festival (info from Kurt)
10/31/98  Portland, OR         Crystal Ballroom (moved from 10/30)
11/01/98  West Palm Beach, FL  Coral Sky Amphitheatre

(shows with Soak and Econoline Crush)

11/03/98  Ft. Myers, FL        Orbit Nightclub (moved to Pyramids?)
11/04/98  Tallahassee, FL      Floyd's Music Store
11/05/98  Birmingham, AL       The Nick
11/06/98  Spartanburg, SC      Ground Zero
11/07/98  Raleigh, NC          The Brewery

(the following 11 shows were cancelled)

11/10/98  Charleston, SC       Acme
11/11/98  Charlottesville, VA  Trax
11/12/98  Baltimore, MD        The Vault
11/13/98  Syracuse, NY         Lost Horizon
11/14/98  Poughkeepsie, NY     The Chance
11/15/98  Buffalo, NY          Showplace Theater
11/17/98  Columbus, OH         Newport Music Hall
11/19/98  Kalamazoo, MI        Club Soda
11/20/98  Detroit, MI          St. Andrew's Hall
11/21/98  Madison, WI          Barrymore Theater
11/22/98  Peoria, IL           The Canopy

(this show did happen)

11/25/98  St. Louis, MO        Mississippi Nights

(only two 1999 shows)

12/10/99  Columbia, MO         The Blue Note (opening band: Die Symphony)
12/31/99  St. Louis, MO        unknown venue (info from Kurt)

11/25/00  St. Louis, MO        Mississippi Nights (DAT audio exists)
12/01/00  Columbia, MO         The Blue Note
12/12/00  Springfield, MO      Juke Joint (opening band: Wake)
12/13/00  Lawrence, KS         The Bottleneck
12/14/00  Milwaukee, WI        Rave Ballroom
12/15/00  Toledo, OH           The Main Event
12/16/00  Detroit, MI          Harpo's
12/18/00  Ft. Wayne, IN        Pierre's (moved from 12/17 due to snow)
12/19/00  Chicago, IL          Metro

04/27/01  Pittsburgh, PA       Banana Joe's
04/28/01  Bridgewater, MA      Bridgewater State College
04/29/01  Albany, NY           Northern Lights 

08/01/01  Jefferson City, MO   Cole County Fairgrounds
08/03/01  Kansas City, MO      The Hurricane
08/04/01  St. Louis, MO        The Pageant
08/06/01  Chicago, IL          Metro

(Preaching to the Perverted tour with Pigface and Godhead)

11/14/01  Royal Oak, MI        Royal Oak Music Theatre  
11/15/01  Boston, MA           The Roxy  
11/16/01  Toronto, ON          Opera House  
11/17/01  Rochester, NY        Water Street Music Hall
11/18/01  Montreal, QC         Foufounes Electriques  
11/19/01  Pittsburgh, PA       Club Laga  
11/20/01  New York, NY         Limelight  
11/21/01  Philadelphia, PA     Theatre Of Living Arts  
11/22/01  Washington, DC       Nation  
11/23/01  Charlotte, NC        Tremont Music Hall  
11/24/01  Atlanta, GA          Cotton Club (audio exists)
11/25/01  Tampa, FL            The Masquerade
11/26/01  Jacksonville, FL     Marquee Theatre  
11/27/01  Fort Lauderdale, FL  Culture Room  
11/28/01  Tallahassee, FL      Cow Haus  
11/29/01  Houston, TX          Fitzgerald's  
11/30/01  Dallas, TX           Canyon Club  
12/01/01  San Antonio, TX      White Rabbit  
12/02/01  Austin, TX           The Metro  
12/03/01  Tempe, AZ            Boston's Night Club  
12/04/01  Anaheim, CA          House Of Blues  
12/05/01  West Hollywood, CA   Key Club  
12/06/01  Chico, CA            Brick Works  
12/07/01  San Jose, CA         Cactus Club
12/08/01  San Francisco, CA    DNA Lounge (also webcast?) 
12/09/01  Portland, OR         Roseland Theater  
12/10/01  Seattle, WA          Experience Music Project
12/11/01  Boise, ID            The Big Easy
12/12/01  Salt Lake City, UT   Zephyr Club
12/13/01  Grand Junction, CO   Mesa Theater
12/14/01  Denver, CO           Ogden Theatre  
12/15/01  Omaha, NE            Ranch Bowl  
12/16/01  Lacrosse, WI         The Warehouse
12/16/01  Minneapolis, MN      Quest
12/17/01  Columbia, MO         The Blue Note
12/18/01  St. Louis, MO        The Pageant (DAT audio exists)
12/19/01  Cleveland, OH        Peabody's
12/20/01  Newport, KY          Southgate House
12/21/01  Milwaukee, WI        The Rave  
12/22/01  Chicago, IL          Vic Theatre

(2002 tour with Flaw and Sevendust)

01/26/02  Royal Oak, MI        Royal Oak Music Theatre  
01/29/02  New York, NY         Hammerstein Ballroom (video exists)
01/30/02  Boston, MA           Avalon  
01/31/02  Washington, DC       9:30 Club  
02/01/02  Philadelphia, PA     Electric Factory  
02/02/02  Clifton Park, NY     Northern Lights  
02/04/02  Lackawanna, NY       Sideshow Music Hall  
02/06/02  Cleveland, OH        Agora Theatre  
02/07/02  Cincinnati, OH       Bogart's  
02/08/02  Chicago, IL          House Of Blues  
02/09/02  Milwaukee, WI        The Rave  
02/11/02  Rockford, IL         Midway Theatre  
02/12/02  West Des Moines, IA  Val Air Ballroom  
02/13/02  Fargo, ND            Playmaker's  
02/15/02  Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Music Hall  
02/17/02  Sacramento, CA       Crest Theatre  
02/18/02  San Francisco, CA    The Fillmore 
02/20/02  Anaheim, CA          House Of Blues  
02/21/02  Hollywood, CA        The Palace  
02/22/02  Phoenix, AZ          Web Theatre  
02/23/02  Tucson, AZ           The Rialto  
02/25/02  Houston, TX          Numbers 
02/26/02  New Orleans, LA      House Of Blues  

03/19/02  St. Louis, MO        The Galaxy (DAT audio exists)
03/30/02  Hartford, CT         Connecticut Expo Center (festival show)

(co-headlining tour with American Headcharge)

04/10/02  Tulsa, OK            Sager Center    
04/12/02  Omaha, NE            Ranch Bowl  
04/13/02  Edgerton, WI         Club Raven  
04/14/02  De Kalb, IL          Otto's  
04/16/02  Wichita, KS          Rita's Little Uptown  
04/17/02  Austin, TX           Steamboat  
04/18/02  San Antonio, TX      Sunset Station (with Adema & Drughoney)  
04/19/02  Amarillo, TX         Southbeach  
04/20/02  Houston, TX          Engine Room (Dallas @ Canyon Club cancelled?)
04/21/02  The Woodlands, TX    C.W. Mitchell Pavilion (festival) 
04/22/02  New Orleans, LA      Rockline FM interview
04/23/02  Tulsa, OK            The Other Side
04/24/02  Pensacola, FL        The Dock (festival - Sauget, IL show cancelled?)
04/26/02  Miami, FL            Bicentennial Park (festival)
04/27/02  Zephyr Hills, FL     Festival Park (festival - audio exists) 
04/28/02  Orlando, FL          Lee Vista Center (festival)
04/30/02  Huntington, WV       Huntington Civic Arena (festival)
05/02/02  Allentown, PA        Crocodile Rock
05/03/02  Oldbridge, NJ        Birch Hill (Doug injured onstage)

05/05/02  New York, NY         Northern Lights (CANCELLED)
05/07/02  Portland, ME         The Asylum (CANCELLED)
05/08/02  Manchester, NH       Chantilly's (CANCELLED)
05/10/02  Hartford, CT         Webster Theater (CANCELLED)
05/11/02  Providence, RI       Lupo's (CANCELLED)

05/19/02  Brockton, MA         WAAF Big Field Day
05/21/02  Detroit, MI          I-Rock Nightclub        
05/22/02  Cleveland, OH        Agora Ballroom
05/23/02  Chicago, IL          House of Blues (opening bands: 12 Stones and Acumen Nation)
05/25/02  Somerset, WI         93X-Fest        
05/26/02  Rockford, IL         LT's (opening band: 12 Stones)

05/28/02  Cedar Falls, IA      The Reverb (GK did not play)
05/29/02  Clinton, IA          Pigpen (GK did not play)
05/30/02  Edgerton, WI         Club Raven (GK did not play)
06/01/02  Lincoln, NE          Knickerbocker's (GK did not play)
06/05/02  Houston, TX          Fitzgerald's (GK did not play)
06/06/02  San Angelo, TX       Graham Central Station (GK did not play)
06/07/02  Dallas, TX           Canyon Club (GK did not play)
06/09/02  Wichita Falls, TX    The Mac Stack (GK did not play)
06/11/02  Killeen, TX          Club Oz (GK did not play)
06/12/02  El Paso, TX          E9 (GK did not play)

(all other 2002 shows were cancelled)

10/28/05  St. Louis, MO        The Pageant (reunion show)

10/28/06  Sauget, IL           Pop's Nightclub ("Killoween")

05/19/07  Tulsa, OK            Cain's Ballroom (Z-104.5 Birthday Bash)

11/21/07  St. Louis, MO        Old Rock House (KPNT Nightmare Before Thanksgiving w/ guests King Thief)

GK has disbanded, but the band occasionally performs reunion shows.

Please email me if you have any updates or changes.