You bounce against my rectangular light
I fall asleep inside your spherical night
And dream about coming together again
As a fist comes from an open hand
And how the tide crashes on morning sand

And you say
Hey I don't understand
You and your big city secret
How come we dance?
What makes us dance?

A fist thrown against fear's menacing face
His blackened eyes become the dreams that you chase
Blood on your lip is like chaos you taste
It washes over you in some dramatic rush
And on the diving board you can feel him push

And you say
Hey I don't understand
You and your big city secret
How come we dance?
What makes us dance?

I jump in the magnitude of your smile
Leap from the board of my last chance
Splash in the sea of your damnation
As you remind me of your past
Darling I thank you for this dance

And you say
Hey I don't understand
You and your big city secret
How come we dance?
What makes us dance?

I been next to you for a lifetime
I been watching you from the start
Always trying to keep yourself put together
Always needing to fall apart

You wanna ride in my Mercedes
Tonight we'll dance outside along the seashore
A quarter moon will paint our shadows on the cold sand
You ask me how come we dance?
Well there is no reason at all

I hope that you will burn down this old house
And I hope that you will escape right through the front door
Turn around when you're safe
And talk about what they done to you
Turn around when you're safe
And watch this house burn to the ground

I hope that you will rise
When you talk about what they done
Oh I know you will rise
When you watch yourself burn to the ground
When you watch this house burn to the ground

I've been watching you
I liked you right away
Cause you looked like you
Might have something to say
That I would want to hear
Like you looked at me
And liked me right away

You're easy for me
To bleed on
I said you're easy for me
To bleed on

Well I'll follow you
Anywhere you wanna go

Cause you look like you
Might already know
A place we can be that feels better
Than the hole I have inside of me

It's Monday morning
You miss yesterday
Tomorrow's coming again
So fast it's already today
You'll never get put down
Growing into your face
Moving to New York City
You got a line on getting paid
And you got two eyes that you always shade
Chaos and beauty
Trying to stay together on a razor blade
Always trying to prove you're being saved

When they ask you what's your church
you say I dance
When they say whatever happened to you
you say I never had a chance
I'm an open book
Come in take a look at me
I'm a boat that won't float
Out at sea
And when I try to compete for a seat
On a more expensive train
In the end you find out
The pain's the same as when the train was plain

You're never giving in
And you're sure you will win
As soon as you know how to begin
And with spite you scream
I'm moving my scene
Away from all you backwards marching human beings
And that includes you
Cause I know what you dream about
And that includes you
Cause I know what you seem to see
And that includes you
Cause I don't feel good about me
Good about me around you

I'm in recovery
My daddy beat his love into me
Now I don't care about sticks and stones
The name he called me broke my bones
Put my daddy on Prozac
I don't think I want him back
Make me feel dangerous

I was raised in a family
They look like the enemy to me
And when your raised in captivity
Don't you know you never get free
Put my daddy on Prozac
I don't think I want him back
Make me feel dangerous

Marina coming off of methadone
Kickin and dreamin
And she's sleeping and screaming
Watching 90210
She'll be yelling at the screen
Until the late night show

I don't believe I'm alive she said
Everyday has something new
Aw baby with the moon I lie
And with the sun I will rise

It's all there in her eyes
You don't know how hard I try
Each time that Marina cries
It's like she's got no disguise

Marina is a human bicycle
She's riding in the park
Riding after dark
Spinning her wheels to make a spark
Hoping to change her blame into a plague

She plays guitar
She dreams and sings
She writes a song about what it means
That she never feels
Much like a human being

She wrote her name with a heart
Inside his birthday card
Right beside the PS which read
Please don't think I'm devious
It's not that obvious
In fact it's more of a mess
You're what I find most beautiful
But you're also what makes me the ugliest
So I'm taking away all the love
I ever gave to you
I think you should've known
It was only ever on a loan
And I'm running away
I found myself a hiding place
I've been uncomfortable looking in your eyes
They always see right through my face

And if you find your eyes
You hunt me down
Cause if I find my eyes
I'll hunt you down
And if you find your voice
You hunt me down
Cause if I find my voice
I'll hunt you down

He wrote his name with a heart
On the back of a postcard
Right beside the PS which read
Please don't think this is malicious
But ever since you left me I am a mess
You made me happiest
And now I'm lonely cause there was only you
Touching your skin was like a shovel through the ground
I had no idea what I found
A crown
You crown me king
Made me lion in your ring
Training me with your see-through treasure
And bribing me with your guilty pleasure
You teach me how most things have no measure

You must destroy
All who you employ
To protect your last invention
Work hard at its destruction
Ignore your good intention
You must ignore the wrong voice
Whose voice?
A peculiar voice
Well I'm sure
You and I can't remember
Living like a backwards trainwreck
Trying to disguise the deceit
Intrinsic in our step
When love's got us by the neck
Why can't we just surrender

I'll be quiet
I won't wake you up

Don't whine
Drink wine
Like terpentine
Cleaning out your inside in line
From your toes up through your spine
Pretend you're a conductor
Maestro without music
God without man
Me without you
Holding your hand
Falling like a leaf
Crying like a man

We silently confess through open eyes
Setting fire to the web spun right behind
In my mind's a spider
And in your heart's a fly
When you're meek you are malicious
Like a tame dog growing vicious
Somehow still suspicious
faithlessly religious

A porcupine
Crawling out from inside of your mind
Like you growing a crown of thorns
But you're no messiah
You think more like a spider
Cause guilty hearts beat upside down

Silver hubcaps replaced your eyes
As you went spinning on a daydream down
Forgiving the road every inch for miles
If your tires survive
You know your heart will explode

And if this song is a sponge
Soaked in your blood
Well then I guess the story would be told
A fateful day
You became a spider
As I fed you the blood from my nose

Now you're just like me

You're the dessert brought burning in Bourbon
To smiles and glazy widening eyes
Extinguished by the breeze of hungry applause
And the grabbed forks shine
Awake enough to see quivering lips reach toward
Your soft sweet heart
Now loosening flesh in the spit of grinding teeth
Still trying to distinguish yourself from a ghost
Engulfed by the slime of swallowing

Your eyes are as big as a quarter when they're shining
Your fingers reach down in my stomach lining
Your voice sounds just like an alley cat is crying
I got the feeling you have never once stopped trying to
undress me
You make yourself into a mirror to reflect me
I see my eyes are shallow stones
In a prison made of bones
Wrapped in a bag of skin
Highlighted by the lines of repetition
That all my fear's been carving

Haunted eyes
Sing in secrets
Haunted eyes
Are huge and empty
Haunted eyes
Flutter just like butterfly wings
Haunted eyes
They always watch you breathing

Drenching thunder rolls right by me
I'm only visible when you're beside me
And what I can't possess still remains inside of me
Its violence coming out of your mouth now
Is at once menacing and hard to see
That you are fat and you are flat
You are a star in a jar
You're a monster with nothing who's been chewing
On the worm your best friend your pet fish was pursuing

You're the only witness so if you die
I don't think I'm considered guilty of this crime
I take it to bed each and every night
The guilt wakes me up and shades my morning light
Cause people break
In fact I helped you to destruct
I'll say anything you want but I can't reconstruct
You only tell more lies in a darker shade of white
Hurry up and punish me so I can feel alright
Forever, if ever, only ever, never

I squeeze the last bit of you
Out of a bottle of your old shampoo
It smells just like you
Now I do too
Rinse out my hair and wipe my eyes
As your soap rolls in between my toes
Dry myself off in the moonlight
And I can touch you
Every time I breath in through my nose
I wish that I had faith in you

I watched you breath into a heartbreak
The night we first held hands
You eyes they switched from blue to green
Then they went back to being blue again
You say you never get to sleep
Cause all your dreams are buried in the sand
I could barely hear you crying
Over the buzz of our electric fan
I wish that I had faith in you

You're a tether ball
Fastened to the end of my head
Who you are and who you want to be
Are competing at opposite ends
And when they hit you back and forth
You squeeze tight around my neck
Darling I can barely breathe
But I know that you mean
Absolutely no disrespect
I wish that I had faith in you