During the late 1980's and early 1990's Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello released twelve (and counting) songs which they had co-written. All of thes songs were credited to McCartney/Mac Manus, and the majority of them (10) were written in 1987. These songs span five solo albums, and range in quality from instant classics and chart toppers, to forgettable and often times silly tracks.

This musical collaboration also continued into the recording of these songs, most notably on McCartney's excellant 1989 release Flowers in the Dirt. Costello appears on four of the tracks on this album, and even sings a duet with McCartney on the track You Want Her Too.

McCartney later added his distinctive bass playing to two of the tracks on Costello's 1989 release Spike. One of these being the top-twenty McCartney/Mac Manus track, Veronica.

Costello On McCartney
Cick here for what Costello has had to say about this musical partnership.

The 1990's
Five more McCartney/Mac Manus tracks were released in the 90's; two on the dense Costello release Mighty Like a Rose (1991), two on McCartney's 1991 release Off The Ground, and one on Costello's extremely listenable All This Useless Beauty.

Final Thoughts
McCartney and Costello may seem strange bedfellows at first glance, yet after further exploration this partnership seems to have been almost a perfect match. On some of these tracks these two seem to have been able to combine their individual strengths, McCartney’s melodic sense and Costello’s lyrical savvy, to create some truly excellent songs.

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