Elton John and Billy Joel Face To Face Tour

Well, I'm back again and I can celebrate my 6th concert now. Stephan Heimbecher helped me with the invitation and I was able to enjoy concerts in Duesseldorf, Berlin, and Munich,finally, Vienna. We didn't think we'd go to Vienna until the last moment. And in the end I saw 4 shows, with Elton playing for 3 hours. For us.

Billy Joel wasn't able to perform because of some throat problems and Elton thought of cancelling the shows at first but then he decided not to dissapoint his fans and perform alone. Although the second Vienna show was cancelled anyway.

I met some of my friends in Duesseldorf : Katja, Stephan and Katja's friend Juliane. We had 9 row or so, but wanted to sit in the first one so decided to stay there. But in the end there were no empty seats there and we just sat on the floor. Security were trying to tell us to go to our seats and we told that we would after the first song. Of course, we didn't.

The show was great, Elton performed almost everything from "The Big Picture Tour" (there was a little difference and you can read the list of the songs at the Hercules Site. My favorite moment was when Elton sang Billy Joel's Piano Man. He sang the verses and we always sang the refrain:"Sing us a song, you're the Piano Man..." till the end. When we sang, Elton even didn't play the piano, he was standing and listening to us. I'm almost sure that he could hear our voices because we were standing very close to the stage.

In Berlin I decided to bring him some flowers. I bought 15 roses and brought them with me to the stadium. And - the weather turned against me - just after the beginning of the show it started raining, harder and harder. Everyone was so wet, and it became so cold, so the crowd began dancing like mad. I ran to the stage with my huge bouquet which was also wet and someone helped me to climb the stage. Elton came up to me - I was surprised to see that he was also terribly wet, even though there was a roof over the stage. He hugged me, thanked me, took the flowers and then KISSED me in my lips. Then he thanked me again, smiled and kissed my hand. I thought I would die right on that stage. When I jumped down people were so excited :"Did you see, he kissed you!!!" It was terribly cold and I couldn't stop shivering but I can hardly remember when I was more happy in my life.
Munich show was also wonderful and I had a great chance to meet many Hercules fans. Elton dedicated Something About The Way... to Stephan Heimbecher! And after the Munich show Katja and I counted our money and decided to go to Vienna!

Elton was also in a great mood in Vienna and he recognized us. We also were at the first row and then When he sang Something About The Way, I decided to point on him during the words "You look tonight" and the very moment I did it, Elton pointed on me as if he wanted to say "YOU look tonight!" We did it together! He smiled and continued playing. That was really a great feeling to know that Elton knows you, remembers you. After the show Elton was going to fly to Nice and I wished him a happy holiday.

That was my last concert for this tour and I will be waiting for more European concerts in November!

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