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Featured T-ShirtFor those of us who were devoted fans of the campus radio station at the University of Minnesota, Morris... for those of us who, but for the grace of Chancellor Dave, would have remained in the little town forever, just to listen to amateur disc jockeys burp and fart on the air... for those of us who really liked the tasteless design of the KUMM web site from 1998-1999... for those of us who could never get enough of those stupid "Kumm" jokes... and for those of us who have just a bit too much time on our hands, here is the U90 Alternative's unofficial, unauthorized, and almost completely unvisited Fan and Alumni Page!

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 23, 2001 at 9:54 PM.
This site is independently owned and operated, and has no affiliation with the University of Minnesota or its subsidiary organizations. We can no longer state that its contents have not been reviewed or approved by the University, because they have been reviewed. Apparently, they took issue with the misuse of their copyrighted logo, and have asked us to remove it. While we are quite certain that the display of the logo would be protected under the First Amendment as parody, we have respectfully altered the image, as you can see at the right, to avoid any undue conflict.