Hello everybody! Well, here I have some of the best links in music, games, and emulation. Remember everybody, come back because the page is being updated every once in a while! If you are one of my inside circle of buddies, email me if you find any broken links.


NEWS! 11.6.01 Put up a link for the Berzerker, a little known, decent industrial metal band.

NEWS! 11.2.01 Added Mushroomhead. They kick butt. Listen to them!

NEWS! 10.2.01 Added some great bands that I probably should have had on here long, long ago: System of a Down, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and Dog Fashion Disco. Also, I changed my mind and took down some of the local bands because there are special sites for those kinds of things. I did leave up 40 Grit because they recently went national and I left up Kneedlework and TWO(0)NINE, because--well because they're cool.

NEWS! 9.29.01 Well, actually I guess its not really news just an excuse: If you are one of the few people that actually use this site, I thank you very much. I'm just here to say that I know I haven't been updating to much lately, I've been kinda busy, but I'm trying. Also, this page may hit the backburner in the future because I'm considering opening up another page devoted strictly to metal bands. Don't worry, if I ever abandon this site completely I will give notice :)


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