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Like when you saw the name Seth Green, you may again be wondering "Who the hell is this guy?" Well, this is your lucky day. You get to be subjected to another of my obsessions! Callum Keith Rennie is another extremely talented hottie, but he's also Canadian so he's got one up on Seth there. But like Seth, he's also been in way more stuff then you realize. This picture to the right is a scene from "Hard Core Logo", the kick-ass punk "documentary" that partially took place partly in Edmonton (yay!). What to know more about him? Just scroll down kiddies! And after you read this you try and tell me he isn't the coolest and most interesting person you've ever read about.

Callum Keith Rennie (that's him on the far right with the director and "band" from Hard Core Logo) was born on September 14, 1960 with makes him 38-years old (ouch!). He's 5'10 and a half and 159lbs, and has a tattoo of the Champion Sparks logo on his upper right arm. He was born in Britain, but moved to Edmonton, Alberta (yay!) when he was four. He went to Scona High School here where he was friends with Bruce McCullough from "The Kids in the Hall", and who introduced him to punk music. Our boy was into the likes of DOA, and the Viletones, and even sported a 'hawk for awhile (RrrrrrOW!!!! My type of man). His friend got him some voice work on CJSR (the local Edmonton university radio station) and he did some theater bits, but never really pursued acting. He was supposed to go to university, but after getting his student loan he bought himself a truck instead and went fishing for a couple of months. I say that that takes a lot of character..... So without university, he started to deal in drugs. On a bad deal he found himself in Vancouver, BC, where he took up drinking and a bit of acting. I think he might have also taken some acting lessons around this time too. His drinking kind of came to a head when he pissed off a construction worker in a bar, and the guy broke a window. A shard of glass went into his eye and ripped his retina. It was when the doctor told him that he'd have to have his eye removed that he kind of came to his senses. He gave up drinking for coffee and cigarettes and decided to seriously pursue acting. And as an added bonus he got to keep the eye. He was around 33 at this time. Pretty much immediately he got roles in indie Canadian movies like "Hard Core Logo" and the such. This lead to a part on Highlander (it's painful for me to admit, but this is one of my favourite shows), and even roles on the X-Files. Ardent fans might be shocked to know that he was offered the role of Alex Krycek, otherwise known as "The Rat". He refused this however because of the time commitment. So instead he took over the role of the American cop on "due South", and also the CBC show which I think is now cancelled, "Twitch City". He can also be seen in the new movie "Last Night" which is supposed to be excellent. It's about the last day before the end of the world and it follows a group of people and the different things they do to kind of prepare for it. He's the guy who has sex with all the people he's ever wanted to do it with, including his high school French teacher.

Want some more info? Okay. He was arrested for unpaid parking tickets, and decided to take advantage of his time in jail by talking to the people in with him so he could apply the experience to his acting later.

Love him yet? If you do, and as my thanks for sitting through my ramblings on the subject of him, here's where you can write to him:

Callum Keith Rennie
Due South c/o Alliance Communications Corp
14th floor, 121 Bloor St East
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 3M5

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