Orlando, Florida, 3/19/99

Live at UCF Arena
Orlando, Florida
March 19, 1999

Me with Peter Stroud before the show.

How did I meet Peter?
(Being in the wrong place at the right time.)

My mother and I went to the downstairs entrance, thinking we'd be let in there because we had floor seats. It turned out to be the backstage area and there were no security guards there. Very strange. We were looking at the favorite sign of mine that lists things you cannot bring into the theaters and I recognized one of the guys talking on the pay phones. I whispered into my mother's ear that I knew him and that he plays for Sheryl.

Mom: Yeah....how do you know?
Me: I just know, I saw him on the Grammys!

We went upstairs to see what the crowd was like and decided to stay downstairs to wait because it was so peaceful and quiet. Well, after the guy was done talking on the phone, we made eye contact and said hello. I took it a bit farther!

Me: Are you a band member of Sheryl Crow? You look awfully familiar.
Guy: Me? Yes I am.
Me: You guys were great at the Grammys! It was awesome!
Guy: Yeah, the Grammys was a lot of fun.

I asked him if he wouldn't mind if I got a picture taken with him and he said no. The best thing out of all of this is HE reached his hand out and asked my name, "I'm Peter," he says.

Sheryl was wonderful! I can't put it into words!
These are the best pictures I got from the ones I took at the show.
I scanned them the best I could.
Please don't take them without asking me first!

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