Richard Carpenter, the man behind the music. What can I say about Richard? He is a great guy, an amazing musician, and America's most famous brother!

Richard Carpenter has long since been treated as just "that guy that plays piano in the Carpenters", but Richard is much more than that. He selected,wrote, arranged, produced so many of the Carpenters songs. He is so overlooked by people. The contributions he has made to music are incredible. I feel, just as his sister did, that he never got any of the attention he deserved. But today, almost 30 years after he created that "sound", more people are realizing just how much Richard did give to the Carpenters.

I look up to Richard Carpenter very much. He is also an inspiration to me. He has inspired me to become a better pianist and to take music more seriously as well as appreciate many different styles of music.

In November of 1996, I wrote a letter to Rcihard Carpenter. I felt that I needed to tell him how much he and Karen have changed my life. I sent the letter off on November 1st and on November 9th, I received a mint lp of "Made In America" from Richard and Carpenters fan club secretary Evelyn Wallace. I had simply stated in my letter that the only lp I lacked of the Carpenters was "Made In America" and I said that I would not stop looking for it until I found it. I also mentioned that I was a younger fan, and that my birthday was in 2 weeks, on Novemeber 15th, a month after Richard's on October 15th. Evelyn wrote to me explaining that it is wonderful to hear from younger fans who have "discovered Carpenter music" and she said that the lp enclosed was a complimentary album, consider it a birthday gift, and have a great birthday. I was so excited. That simple gesture just goes to show how incredibly considerate and caring the Carpenters are. Thank you again, Richard and Evelyn!!! :-)



Richard in concert

Richard from the 1974 concert at the Budokan

Richard sitting on the floor in front of his director' chair, given to the Carpenters for appearing on the Carol Burnett show

Richard all decked out!

A very gorgeous and stunning Richard

Richard in 1997, somewhat sad-looking :-(