Alien Abduction & Hybrid Evidence.

October 1997.

In 1997 Dave Dobbyn, a popular recording artist from New Zealand has been seen very infrequently. This is extremely out of character, and concerns have been noted. Upon assigning a special agent to hide under bushes, outside churches, and follow Dave around (even to unannounced rehearsal sessions), we have gathered photographic evidence that Mr Dobbyn is regularly abducted by little brown aliens, who perform uncalled-for experiments on the musician.

It appears there is some bizarre hybrid breeding program being undertaken. It is not known if Mr Dobbyn recalls these horrific sessions, but it seems like he has been bestowed with psychic abilities since the abductions began.

We are still observing the abductee, and are hopeful he will show himself publicly more frequently as 1997 comes to a close. We are anxiously awaiting news of any impending recordings, so we can continue to analyze the lyrics for hidden predictions and further proof of the breeding program. As always Special Agent Scully refuses to acknowledge there will ever be a new album. I however want to believe.

Special Agent F. Mulder

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