Cliff Barton (bass)

Superb bass player, he played in some great bands in the 60s. I haven't been able to find any biographical data about him, sorry.

After turning down an offer to join John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, in June 1963, he joined famed band Cyril Davies R&B All Stars:

But that same month, mighty Carlo Little leaves, and they call Micky Waller: There were a couple of changes in the lineup. Johnny Parker replaced Keith Scott, and Bob Wackett replaced Micky Waller: But Cyril Davies died of leukemia on January 7, 1964. He was 32. The band was commanded then by Long John Baldry under the new name Hoochie Coochie Men, with some changes, including a very young singer called Rod Stewart: By the way, there's a live track in an Eric Clapton bootleg, where a band called Liverpool Roadrunners appear, recorded in February 1964. Who are the members of that band? Baldry, Stewart, Bradford, Cliff Barton, Ian Armitt, Billy Law. What's that? A missing link?

There's an album released by the band, Long John's Blues.

After a while, Ernie O'Malley was replaced by Billy Law:

In October 1964, the band changes a lot, with an added horn section: But this fantastic team sadly parted ways next month, in November 1964. Baldry and Armit recruited a new band, while the other guys (less Rod Stewart) continued under the name Original All Stars: But in January 1965, the band split.

Sometime around 1965, Jimmy Page on the producer's role assembled a studio band to record some tracks for an album for singer Andy Anderson. This was the lineup:

The recordings were never released as a proper album, but many jam tracks were also recorded, and many of them have been appearing in lots of compilations from the Immediate label. I have a couple of them, but there are more than 20 compilations including them.

Then, Cliff Barton joined The Alan Price Set, but I can't find proper info. Help, please!

In December 1965, Cliff replaces Tex Makins in Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames:

They released a 3rd album, Sweet things. But in July 1966, Speedy and Cliff leave the band (Cliff was replaced by another great player, Ricky Brown).

Soon after, in September 1966, he joins Alexis Korner in his new band, called Free At Last:

But, after some months, he left the band before January 1967 (being replaced by Binky McKenzie). He started playing sessions (mostly for Donovan), but it's almost impossible tracking down session credits for recordings made in the 60s. If anyone knows about more recordings with Cliff Barton, please send me a message!

After that, I only know that Cliff sadly died, but I don't have idea about the year when it happened.


1. Was Cliff Barton a member of Blues Incorporated before joining Free At Last?

2. ???

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