Metallica formed in 1982. Lars contacted James Hetfield (who knew each other via an ad placed by Lars), for a demo on the 'Metal Massacre' album. James handeling bass and vocals and roping in another local kid, a black guitarist called Lloyd Grant, to complete the line-up. Lars managed to steel the name Metallica from a friend (Ron Quintana) who was putting together a magazine and was also looking for a name. The track 'Hit the Lights' was recorded for the Metal Blade Compilation album 'Metal Massacre', also at this session the following covers where recorded 'Killing time' by Sweet Savage and 'Let it loose' by Savage. On the original pressing of this album the bands name was misspelled 'MettallicA'. A few weeks later Lloyd Grant left to be replaced by a guy called Mike and then in January 1982 by Dave Mustaine. James's flat mate at the time Ron McGovney (after James had taught him to play) filled in on bass. In April 82 they re-recorded Four tracks 'Hit the lights', 'Mechanix', 'Jump in the Fire', 'Motorbreath' this new version of 'Hit the Lights' appeared on the second pressing of 'Metal Massacre 1' (also the recent re-release). On the 25 May MetallicA played a gig at Lars's high school (Backbay High School) managing to almost empty the hall. On the 28th May they played as a five piece for the first time with Jef Warner on vocals (luckily this didn't last). The next important event was in July 82 the famous 'No life till Leather' demo was recorded. This demo was never official released but spread like wildfire. This Demo include the following 'Hit the lights', 'Mechanix', 'Motorbreath', 'Seek and Destroy', 'Metal Militia', 'Jump in the Fire' and 'Phantom lord' and the lineup was:

Drums : Lars Ulrich
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar : James Hetfield
Bass : Ron McGovney
Lead Guitar : Dave Mustaine

In August 1982 a band named Trauma played the Wiskey a Go-GO with a bassist named Cliff Burton. With new guitarist Dave Mustaine on the 29 November they played the Old Waldorf, SF with support from a band named EXODUS with one Kirk Hammet on guitar, this was the first time they met. A day later they played the last gig with Ron on Bass at Mabuhay Gardens. They soon afterwards asked Cliff Burton to join, on hearing this Ron left the band...

[Metallica] The early days : with Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)