April 12th,2003

Found my recording of "Amazing Grace". It sounds like sh*t though. Its a jazzy version that only sounds good when you have...certain plug-ins installed or something. Bah. Wish I could find "A Thousand Miles". HAD it on the other comp. Grr.

April 6th,2003

Make room for the prey....Um. I uh joined some fanlistings and cliques. Go see!

March 20th

I added the equations section in homework help. I hope someone finds it useful! Tagboard is to the right, why don't you try it out?

March 19th

Well I messed with the CSS. There are two new sections, Love/Hate and Homework Help. Hopefully the latter will be updated more. I deleted the guestbook because nobody signs it. I'm adding a tagboard or something instead.

March 8th

Update page refreshed. I re-vamped the links, clique and quote pages. Nothing really new just made it easier to navigate. Ermmm... I will have two or three recipes to put up soon. Got a cookebook with lots and lot of yummy looking food....Bless you! -OLLIE 1