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Rigel is a musical project from The Netherlands which includes musical styles such as progressive/ symphonic rock, fusion, metal and now and then classical and pop.

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Sander Hamstra started playing the guitar around the age of 14. Finally, he decided to make a living out of it and went to the school of music in Alkmaar in 1990, which he completed in 1995 with the classical guitar as principal subject.

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Although his principal subject may think you otherwise, Sander has always had much interest in pop/rockmusic as well. He has played the electric guitar nearly as long as the classical.

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At the moment Sander teaches guitar at the Muziekschool Waterland and at home in Purmerend. He is also joining the party/ coverband Upside Down. The playlist includes all kinds of music from fifties rock and roll, soul, jazz, disco to present-day music.

In conclusion he is working on Rigel, a project which includes mostly progressive/ symphonic related music. But also other styles are included.

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This page has not its defenite form yet. Also I am working on a CD project. In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc., please feel free to contact me. - Sander

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