Instructions - All you need to know.
You could go to a website and pay over $100 to get a modified tape recorder, OR you could read this. This is all you need to know to start looking for backwards masking.
1. Choose a cd - some things are purposely masked. others are accidents. still others are accidentally on purpose. just choose a cd, and put it in your cd-rom drive.

2. Find programs on the computer that you will use -
the programs that you will use will be CD Player (cdplayer.exe) Sound Recorder (soundrec.exe), and Volume Control (sndvol32.exe). they will come in handy. you will need to use the volume control to make adjustments. use find files or folders to find these programs.

3. Record parts of the songs -
press play on your CD Player, and then just press record on your Sound Recorder when there is a part of the song that you want to check. just press stop in both programs when it is over with.

4. Reverse the clip -
on your Sound Recorder click effects, and then reverse. this takes the recording and puts it backwards.

5. Listen for messages -
press play on Sound Recorder and listen a couple times for messages. when you think you hear something, listen to that part until you can decipher the message.

6. Delete unneeded parts -
after you find a message, use the delete before and delete after current position tools under edit in Sound Recorder to get only the message by itself.

7. Save it -
click file, then save as. save in a directory where you will be able to find it later as a name that makes sense.

8. Repeat the process -
do it all again, and have fun!