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Please Read! Naked Pictures of *nsync... you wish...just read it

Hello, and welcome to The *N Ferno!! Just the name alone conjures up feelings of firey temperatures (98 degrees perhaps) and images of buff body's Whoo... is it getting hot in here or it it just JC? Anyhoo, girls and boys, (who am I kidding) girls this page is just for fun. Some areas are under construction so make sure and bookmark the page and check back for updates. Kick back and enjoy your stay...

these pants are so tight it's like i'm having sex with myself" ~justin (oh really?!)

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this page is in no way associated with/related to trans-con, rca, jive, bmg, or anything else having to do with *nsync. this is nothing but a totally dillutional fans webpage. i am not justin, joey, chris, lance, or jc. i'm not their mom, their cousin, their best friend from 2nd grade, and i'm defiantly not them! do not send me mail addressed to *nsync. it will do nothing but cause me a great laugh, and you might get publicly ridiculed on here. direct you *nsync mail to www.nsync.com thankyouverymuch

[brought to you in part by the letter n, & me your *nsync vixen nikki. this has been a shortbus production.] 1