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"Outrageous, When I move my body
Outrageous, When I'm at a party
Outrageous, In my sexy jeans
Outrageous, When I'm on the scene
Outrageous, My sex drive
Outrageous, My shoppin' spree
Outrageous, We on a world tour
Outrageous, Must be a girl"

*L.C.K. Pics!!* July 04'

Jaime aka "The Katt"

Jillian aka "The Kitten"

Heather aka "The Legend"

June 2004 PICS

Me lying on couch

Me in Kitchen

March 2004 Pics

Me and Eric

Me at Work

Feb 2004, Bar Pics

Me and Erin = Troble

Me and This this Jerk...we wont go there....

Me and the bartenders, Love Cafe Salessa!

2003-2004 Pics

Me in the Kitchen

Me and Brook cuddling

Me again.

Me under the covers

Me and Brook

Me at Grottos

Me at Iron Hill Brewery

2002-2003Random Pics

It's me!


2002 New Years Pics(Goth Prom)...A Taboo kinda night

Me and Michelle

Me (I look REALLY bad!)

Summer 2001 Beach Pics

Ali's on the left...I'm on the right!

Me in the Kitchen at the Beach

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