The e-mail site has been closed because of a recent hacker that has intruded on the e-mail login. It is suspected that the hacker may have sent fake messages to you saying that you could purchase back-stage passes by sending money to me. And, it is not sure yet that it was a hacker or just a scam created by certain people. It seems that everyone has sent a message to this e-mail address saying they had sent cash. Since then, cash was never received to my address, and people have complained, and these people are suspected to be inter-linked some how..... Sorry about this inconvience.... It is still trying to be solved. If it was a hacker, and money is received here, it will promptly sent back to the owner. No money will be sent back unless proof that it was sent can be shown.If you do receive a message for ordering backstage passes and our address is given, please DO NOT SEND MONEY OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT. There are no such passes available from me. Many claim that they send money, and say it never made it to its destination, which can mean only 2 things; you sent cash and it was stolen in the mail office (thats why you should never send cash, or you said you sent it,but never really did, hoping the person whom it was supposedly sent to would feel sorry for you, and send money back. Theft is not an option. I am not a theft, and I will stand on those words. I would never steal your money, and I hope you pay the same respects to me. If you didn't send cash, but sent a check, please cancel the check immdeiately. Once again, I'm extremely sorry for this misunderstanding. Bethany Strunk