Useless Bantering

Last updated: 07/09/99
You are the nut job to visit this demented page.

Someone asked if I read my material anywhere. Actaully, I do. I read my column on my radio show at both WDCC and WSUC. I've also attended poetry readings in Cortland, NY that are held by the English Club in the Jacobus Lounge in Brockway Hall. If anyone is that interested, see if I can put together a compliation tape or something. I'd say I got at least ten on tape.
This here is a column that I write for my school newspaper, The Dragon Chronicle. It gives me something to do when I'm not playing guitar or listening to my Nirvana bootlegs. So here we go and enjoy the insanity...

This Year I started my column again but I changed the title to, "Second-Hand Confrontations" but the ranting is still the same...

I reverted back this semester, i went back to the basics, back to Useless Bantering. That's what it was meant to be.