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welcome to my "Link to me" page where you can choose a banner you like and if you want you can use the copy/paste way or the type in code it's up to you! If you would like to link to me and you would like just plain text then type this HTML code replacing the symbol that looks like this ( with this < and this symbol ) with this > text only type this

(a href="")Step to Spice!(/a)
It should look like this
Step to Spice!
If you would like a banner on your page like this one which was made by Ginger Nation so thanks Nikki!

Than this the HTML code:

(p)(center)(a href="")(img src="//")(/a)(/center)(/p)

But if you would like another banner then here's another one made by The nutty spice page so thank you!
This is the HTML code:

(p)(center)(a href="")(img src="//")(/a)(/center)(/p)

But if you're into animated banners then check out this next banner that I made

Then copy out this HTML code:

(p)(center)(a href="")(img src="//")(/a)(/center)(/p)

Here's another animated banner that I also made myself:

Here's the HTML code for that one:

(p)(center)(a href="")(img src="//")(/a)(/center)(/p)

(remember you can always resize my banners for the size to suit you! And if you linked to me without me knowing I insist you that you go to this site and fill out the form so I can out your banner up!

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