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Jill Dando is the Spice Girl Of May! Dean Cain had the most votes for the spice boy of May but Jill dando (incase you hadn't heard) was murdered here in London, she was a british T V presenter but was shot while she was shopping, a lot of people though had voted for her, the ones who care (They're listed below)
The Nice People Who Voted

Here are just some of the people who voted:

"I have just spoken to my good friend Sarah, who has told me about this site. She told me that she has nomitated Jill Dando for the May Award. I would also like to see Jill Dando get this award. I think that this would be a great jesture. If you have time, please let me know what you think" Emma Bunton

"I think that you should deadicate May to Jill Dando" Sarah Lawrence

"Yup, Jill Dando for me too" Caprice Bourret

"We have heard thru the grapevine that some people are voting for Jill Dando... Jill Dando tributre would definately improve this site. We will reconsider a link if Jill Dando wins !...Please consider this as another vote for Jill Dando" Baby Spice Fan Club

"I support the Jill Dando move..." Julie Mercer

"I go with the flow, Jill Dando" Nikki Ashley

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Thank you for everyone who voted hopefully whoever you voted for might win!