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"Thru the Night"

Written and performed by
Kenn Peterson


I currently have 5 songs in the 'Real Audio' format and 6 in the 'MP3' format. Most songs are from my last CD titled
" Thru the Night".

  'Diversity' Does everybody gotta be like you? or everybody be like me?  
  'Mood 200' One of my favorite 'numbered' moods...  
  'Thru the Night' Is the title cut and the last song on the album.  
  'Hey You!!!' ...over here!! I've got a tecno instrumental for ya...!!!  
  'Heavy Heart' A new song....  



If you Don't have it - you can download 'Real Audio' for free!!!...just go to

To listen just 'Click' on the title, it usually takes about 20 seconds to load and automatically start playing...

  Hollywood - 479K - 30 second clip  
  Thru the Night - 456K - 30 second clip  
  Mood 200 - 326K - 30 second clip  
  Get This Thing 2gether - 479K - 30 second clip  
  Hey You!!! - 504K - 30 second clip  
  Wakin' at Sunrise - 2,421K - Full Length  

This album is currently available at:
'Rasputin Records' in Concord, CA (across from the Sun Valley Mall)

'Consumer Music' at 927 Tennessee St. in Vallejo, CA. 707-642-7368.

Online at


This is my first solo album. As the Home Page said my style is Adult Contemporary/Pop. This CD is a collection of songs I wrote about love and the emotions one goes thru finding someone new. So there are some sad songs, some mad songs, some acoustic songs, a techno songs and some upbeat songs on this CD.

This is truly a Solo project. I wrote, played, sang, produced, and recorded all the parts you will hear. TSO Productions is my company which was created to promote this and future CD's and songs.


The Cover ART

I was lucky enough to get a well known, local & international artist to create my CD's front and back pages. He is Adam Borovkoff. Adam's art includes abstract art, sculptures, photography, and pottery art. Check out his site where you can see some of it.


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Copyright 1998 TSO Productions. All rights reserved.

All tracks produced by TSO Productions and Kenn Peterson

Recorded at TSO Studio's: American Canyon, CA.

Produced and mixed by Kenn Peterson

All songs written and performed by Kenn Peterson

Sound Equipment & Stage lighting
- Consumer Music & Brad Sears -
707-642-RENT 925-682-RENT
927 Tennessee St. Vallejo, CA 94590