I am an American Proud and Free I'm an American believe in equality don't tell me what to do or what to be im an American don't Tread on Me

"It is a fact of life that there are those among us today who are willing to eat the fruits of democracy and to enjoy the rights of citizenship, but will recoil in horror when it is suggested to that they must shoulder their share of citizenship responsibility"

-John E Davis

This page is dedicated to Oi and working-class Music there is no Noe-nazi info or stupid crap of that nature on this page. A Skinhead is not a Noe-Nazi scumbag/thug, or a white power proclaimer, a Skinhead is a working-class American, we are united by the music we like and tha traditions we live by, this page is dedicated to Oi! Oi! Music and nothing else. I'll try to stay out of the pollitics but I think we all need some Patriotism once in a while. Cheers!

-Paul kennedy