Patti Rothberg released her first album, "Between the One and the Nine," in 1996. The company that she made this album with closed their North American offices, which left Patti without a record contract. Since then she has been touring and has released her second album, Candelabra Cadabra. Tour dates and other information can be found on the What's New page. The goal of this site is to give new and old Patti fans a place to learn more about this talented musician and song writer. If you have any information about Patti (tour dates, concert stories, etc.) please either email me or post the information on the Patti Message Board.

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Site News:

Two new interviews have been added to the articles page. Also, the Discography has been updated and now includes some new promotional releases and other scans.

Patti News:

The new band includes two new members. Dan Vonnegut plays drums and percussion. Dave Leatherwood plays bass guitar, and Freddie Katz returns and plays slide, rhythm and lead guitars.

The new CD, Candelabra Cadabra, is finally available. It can be ordered through the mail right now for $16.50 (send checks , payable to Patti Rothberg, to Spiral Management, 637 Grant Terrace, Teaneck NJ 07666). In a few weeks it will be available online for credit card orders at or the official site. [12/11/00]

Patti has a new single out, available only on vinyl. It features two new songs - "For A Boy" and "Idiom Addict" and is sold for $6 through the official site. Downloads from the new album are also available on the official site. [1/6/00]

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