Stand and Deliver!

I am no longer maintaining this web site on a regular basis... Stand and Deliver! was started in 1997, and all of the web pages are still available - the links are below!

Thanks to everyone who visited this site regularly while I was maintaining it!

I highly recommend for Ant news, Ant Lib Online for amazing Ant events (next one is October 2008!) and which is the official site!

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Stand and Deliver - Web Pages Archive!

S&D Features / Photo Exclusives!

ADAM @ WESTMINSTER! - Photo exclusive from July 1997!
ADAM LIVE IN MAY '97! - More exclusive pictures!
1977 ICA REPORT AND PHOTOS! - rare pics from 1977
The Trailer | Press Articles | Screen Shots - from Channel 4 documentary, 2003
Bootleg CD Reviews (Antmusic For Sexpeople / Ants in Bondage)
Persuasion review - the 'lost' album from 1992!
The MCA/Manners videos rare pics from the 1990-era videos!
Slapdash Eden issue 3 - review of the 20th anniversary fanzine!
1996 Convention Report - with picture of Chris and Terry!
1997 Convention Report - Antpeople are here!
1998 Convention Report - featuring the tribute band 'Zerox'

Other Stuff to look at!

1997- 1999 Adam Ant News Archive - lists detailed Ant news!
Articles index - features articles donated by other fans!
Adam Ant cuttings library - featuring cuttings and interviews!
Video cast list - cast list and info for videos up to 1990!
Rare set lists from the 1970's - curtesy of the Slapdash Eden fanzine!
Adam Ant Guitar Page - guitar tab from Matt and Sab!

The Interactive Pages Archive!

When this site was up and running there were weekly polls / quizzes / Q & A pages.

Questions and Answers page - 'Whatever happened to Gary Tibbs?!'
Poll Results Archives - features sixteen poll questions!
Prick up your Ears! (the ORIGINAL Adam Ant bulletin board!)

And not forgetting...

Merchandise / fan club info! - Updated April 2000
Links to other Adam & the Ants sites - Updated April 2000!
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