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10:15 Saturday Night – A Cure song they covered on It’s For Your Own Good

23 – A number that just keeps popping up

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Album – Currently TLE have only one self titled full length album.

All Torn Down – track 7 on The Living End. Single 2

Animal – from the muppets. Trav has been somewhat inspired by him

Area 7 – TLE occasionally steal a couple of the members from this band.

Aria - In 1998 they won an ARIA for the higest selling single with their double a side single Second Solution/Prisoner of Society. They were also nominated for Song of the year ~ Prisoner Of Society, Best Single ~ Second Solution/Prisoner Of Society, Best Independent Release ~ Second Solution/Prisoner Of Society and Best Alternative Release ~ Second Solution/Prisoner Of Society

Australia - Country of birth

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Beer – Scott will not play a gig till he finishes his beer

Big Day Out – way too many people…sparkly guitar

Bird – one of the members nick

Birthdays - Cass (May 6th, 1984), Em (May 28th, 1981) oh..um you probably want to know TLE's birthdays right? hehe ooOOPPS! Chris (January 2nd) Scott (February 14th) Trav (July 21st)

Birdland studios – It’s For Your Own Good and SS/POS was recorded here

Bloody Mary – track 5 on The Living End

Bodyjar – mates of tle..they have also done many a show with this great melbourne band

Brian Setzer – Guitarist/vox guy out of the Stray Cats. One of Chris and Scotts biggest influences

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CASS – aka god

Cheers – another saying fans seem to say a lot

Cheney, Chris – Lead singer, guitarist out of a little band called THE LIVING END

Closing In – track 14 on The Living End. Instrumental

Corner, The - ask cass about this one

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Dead Beginnings – A lame ass name someones brother calls The Living End.

Demsey, Trav – Drummer out of The Living End

Do What I Do - The name of the secret track that appears on the first 500 pressed of Hellbound. If you have this are you willing to part with it for us????

Double Bass – Scott stands and throws one of these around. Occasionally he plays it.

Drums – Trav bangs on these

Duran Duran - Girls On Film was recorded for an upcoming Duran Duran tribute album. Look out for around August

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EMZ – aka god

End – a word that follows Living

English Army – track 2 on Its For Your Own Good. At live concerts the band has been known to get the crowd to sing a bit of their favourite word "OI!" at the start.

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Fans - If it wasn't for these loyal people the band wouldnt be such a success would they? Apparently for a band to survive they need the occasional person to show up at a show or buy a record! hehe Be warned the majority of us are brats

Fly Away – 11th track on The Living End. And a rockin’ song too.

From Here On In – track 1 on It’s For Your Own Good as well as an old crowd fave.

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Green Day – first major band TLE supported. If we felt like being controversial we could say they’re TLE rip-offs.

Gretsch – Chris’ guitar brand.

Grevina, Lindsay – Produced and Mixed It’s For Your Own Good, SS/POS, The Living End…

Growing Up (Falling Down) – CHRIST.. it’s Track 2 on The Living End! (okay, that was lame :P)

Guitar – This thing with 6 strings that makes a loud noise. Oh yeah, Chris plays it.

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Hair – TLE are known for their somewhat vertical hair.

Hair spray – they need it to achieve the somewhat vertical hair.

Have They Forgotten – Track 10 on The Living End

Headlines – Song 6 on Hellbound.

Hellbound – Uhm, Chris’ view on the bands future?? Also the bands first release – an 8 track EP. And its also an awesome instrumental..track 2 on the Hellbound E.P

Holden -

Homebake – Aussie festival which TLE have played at. Scott played dead

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I Want A Day – Scotts ode to the work world. Track 12 on The Living End.

It’s For Your Own Good – The bands second release. 6 track EP.

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Jebediah – the Jebs. TLE love ‘em.. but who doesn’t?!

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Knowitall – we are definatly not one of those!

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Live At The Wireless – TLE have recorded 3 LATW with Triple J. For those who don’t know its where Triple J gets a band to play live in front of a selected audience or festival and they record and play it on the radio live.

Living – comes before the word ‘End’.

Living End – what comes after ‘The’.

Living End, The – that li’l Aussie band who are set to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! Members are Chris Cheney (guitar and vocalist), Scott Owen (Double Bass) and Trav Demsey(maniac on the drums). The original line up included Joe Piriptzi. Also a lovely song appearing as track 4 on Hellbound that is always fun live.

Living in Sin – a song that we haven’t heard yet.. but It’ll be on the WER CD single. No doubt it’ll rock though

Lone Ranger – A rad b side on the Save The Day single. They also played this song live on Recovery in 1998

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Melbourne - The home of the cats

MDS – former record company

MICA - Music Industy Critic Awards. In 1999 they won all 5 awards they were nominated in which is pretty sweet. They were..

mIRC – where any good fan lives most their hours.

Misspent Youth – I think cass should tell you about this song

Modular – TLE’s record company in Australia and New Zealand. A derrivative of EMI

Monday – A day like no other. Also happens to be track 6 on The Living End. Chris wrote this song about the Dunblane Massacare

Mr Businessman – Bside on the Save The Day single. Track 3

Music - they play music

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No Reason – another one for cass. Think All Torn Down.

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Offspring, The – TLE have done a few tours with them

Offshore – another festival TLE have been known to play at. I hear something of a firecracker?

Oi! – A common word used among tle fans

One More Cell – track 3 on the It’s For Your Own good Ep

Owen, Scott – The bass player. Known for his love of beer and weird zany shoes

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Piano - Scott originaly played this till Chris introduced him to the Stray Cat's. They decided to put together a band exactly like it and thought it would be easier to get a drummer then a double bassist so Scott learnt to play it. Just think TLE could have had a piano in it!

Ping - dont ask..you will never be able to listen to the song the same again

Piriptzi, Joe – The original drummer in The Living End

Prisoner Of Society – THAT song. Track 2 on the double A side single Second Solution/Prisoner Of society. TLE won an ARIA for the highest selling single from this single as this track was very popular. It’s also Track 1 on The Living End.

Prisoner Of the Inside – Cover. Bside on Second Solution/Prisoner Of Society. Track 3

Problem – Cass and Em have been known as problems. We should probably mention its also Track 5 on It’s For Your Own Good.

Pubs – Where the band started playing.

Pushover – they often play.

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Q studios – a studio in Sydney where Tainted Love, the one off the All Torn Single was recorded

Quiffs – they love them and often have them

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Rapido – Former record company

Reprise – USA and the rest of the world record company

Reverend Horton Heat

Rockabilly – where TLE evolved from.

Rock Around the Clock – Where the name The Living End came from

Runaway Boys – The first band Chris and Scott started. A Stray Cats cover band

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Save The Day – First single off The Living End (and track 8)

Second Solution – A lovely sing-along song at the end of a concert. Track 3 on The Living End and track 1 on Second Solution/Prisoner of Society.

Second Solution/Prisoner Of Society – the award winning double A side single thingo. Their third release. It really made people stand up and notice them.

Silverchair - a certain incident on bourbon street comes to mind

Sing Sing Studios – Melbourne studio where debut album was recorded

Single – uhm… a short CD with one main track. Or… something.

Skulls – the band seem to have a thing for skulls. They kind of appear everywhere. Often you can spot one sitting atop an amp at a live show.

Sleep On It – track 13 from The Living End Australian release. A totally awesome song too with lots of cool guitary bits.

So Lonely – first Living End song written. Found as 8th song on Hellbound.

Spelling – or lack of. Eg. misspent/mispent, dempsey/demsey, i'ts

Stay Away From Me – another of Scott’s songs with the best intro!

Strange – so I may be off the wall.. just a li’l bit. Track 5 on Hellbound, and 13 on The Living End the american release. It replaces Sleep On It on the australian release. Also there is a live version that appears on the Second Solution/Prisoner Of Society single

Stray Cats, The – That band that looks strangely like TLE. Lets just said they had a bit of an influence over the young Chris and Scott. Still do I guess.

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Tabletop Show – Track 3 on their first EP Hellbound.

Tainted Love – An awesome live song. The solo seems to be different and yet still amazing everytime. There are 3 versions around. It is track 3 on the All Torn Down single which was recorded in sydney at Q studios. There is always the version that was recorded from Recovery and can be found on the Chainspotting Compilation. And there is there one where chris burps at the start that was recorded at the Falls 97 for there 2nd Live at the wireless with Triple J.

Teeny Bopper – TLE fans often are saying how much they hate these…but hey we’re not all that bad

TLE – stands for The Living End

Trace Of Doubt – track 1 on Hellbound

Train Kept a Rollin – Track 3 on the West End Riot single. Record on the rooftop of the ABC studios Sydney at their 3 Live At The Wireless

Trapped – TLE pull in a couple of ringers from Area 7 to play horns on this lovely ska song. Number 9 on The Living End

Tees - Always very creative

Tours - TLE have always been a live band. They are constanly touring and with the current internationally success we don't think they will be let off the hook anytime soon! hehe sorry guys you live act is just toooo goooood

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Upright Bass – ‘nother name for a double bass. Maybe because it’s a bass played upright?? Who knows.

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Venue – TLE often play in these

Video clip – Visual to go with the song. So far they have clips for Prisoner Of Society, Prisoner Of Society (us version), Second Solution, Save The Day, All Torn Down and West End Riot.

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Warped Tour – played at this a number of times

Watch – Go to your booklet from Oz released The Living End. Look behind the lyrics to Sleep On It. A watch! Chris’ watch in fact.

West End Riot – 4th single and 4th track on The Living End. Weird! Another bit of triva the video clip for this song was directed by xxx who just happened to direct a few clash video’s. And was filmed in London. Cool huh?

Wheelers Hill – Chris and Scott used to live here

Whirled Records - Hellbound was recorded here.

Wiggles - 'we don't need no one..to tell us what to do'

Witch Doctor - Bside off the 3rd single, All Torn Down. Awesome song yet to be seen live!

www.thelivingend.com.au – The official site address

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X – x marks the spot

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Your – the 3rd word in It’s For Your Own Good

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Z – the 3rd letter in em’s name, emz

Zombie a go go – a sticker donned on one of Chris’ guitars.