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Welcome to the official web site of Diskordian, an unsigned rock band from the Luton area of England. Have a look around, listen to the free songs, and tell us what you think in the guestbook.

Next Gig!

Our next, and only gig in the near future, is on June 13th!. It is now at the 'Cork and Bull' pub, Cumberland St, Luton. Doors open at 8pm, and entrance is free! Hope to see you all there! Note: this has been moved from Saddlers, and is not there any more.

New Album!

It's out at last! Tin Soldier can be yours for mere 6. Ask any of the band, or email me at schizofen@hotmail.com.

Featuring 12 fantastic tracks, this is light-years ahead of Sincerity (but you should still buy that if you haven't got it yet...). You can hear three of the tracks for free:

More Free Songs!

We've got three brand new songs recorded, and since we never make any money from selling albums, you can download them! You can get mp3s of Laughing, Angry Song and Every Day from Nic's site : http://www.redheadtech.com/diskordian.

There are still two older songs that are on our page at peoplesound.com, and you can buy our CD online from there as well. Simply follow the links from our peoplesound.com page. This is our Sincerity album, featuring 10 tracks, and costs 6.99ukp

Cool New Merchandise!

Ric found this American web-site where we can sell Diskordian T-shirts and mugs! It's pretty expensive unfortunately, but you can buy something should you be so inclined. Go to http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=diskordian to see more.

Band history

Just in case anyone is interested, here's a quick biography of the band past and present:

Diskordian formed in September 1998. Originally only three people bothered to turn up for the first practice, that was Andy on guitar, Richard on drums and Ruth on keyboard. The next week David and Nic turned up, on rhythm guitar and, erm, vocals for Nic. Soon after Ruth left the band as she had better things to do, and Nic took over on the keyboard. Someone remembered that Simon next door could sing, so he joined as well. David then left for one reason or another, and Rory took over. Simon left for pastures new in 2001, Ric took over from Simon, and Tom took over from Ric. Which brings us up to date. Ric is doing sound engineering at uni in Southampton, Rory is working at Coventry airport, Tom's doing his A-levels, Nic is doing job stuff in Luton, and Andy is making computer games at Rare in Warwickshire. So we don't get to do a lot of gigs any more. But we still manage to get a few done every year.

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Last updated 21 May 2003