Secturity Software Links

Most of these links are to, or lead you to free software.  I have used some but not all.
Look before downloading, some may have nonfree versions as well.

Some important things to have on a computer connected to the internet are Anti-virus software and a firewall.
Antivirus - software block and removes virus'
Firewall software blocks against other ways of computers trying to break in to your compter.
Anti spyware software is also very useful for blowing away a lot of those add programs that find their way on to your computer.

Anti Virus

AntiVir *free for home users

AVG Anti-Virus *free for home users

Trend Micro - anti virus scan on the web *free
The trend micro antivirus scan has been very useful for times that norton antivirus hasn't caught something.

Anti spyware software

SPYBOT *free

adaware *free
just plane adaware is free there are professional versions which cost money.
Make sure it says free before downloading.


Firewallsfree-firewall.og Links to some windows firewalls *free Links to some windows firewalls *free Links to some windows firewalls *free Links to some firewalls *free

pcworld Links to some free firewalls *free,collid,724,00.asp

Security Help

computer cops is a good place to get help with security problems you can't get fixed.

here is another link - a page on anti-trojan software some freeware some shareware.