I'm easy to get along with, all I ask is you follow these standard trading rules.

CDRs are graded on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best. I do my best to grade fairly, but it's all subjective. I'm a little behind on some grading.

I will include or email, setlist, date and venue information. Please do the same. If you can't I'm not interested. If I have art, I will email it to you.

I do DISC-AT-ONCE (no gaps between live recordings) when called for, please do the same. If you can't, I'm not interested. Those little 'clicks' between tracks are considered gaps - that is not disc-at-once.

All music is extracted to hardrive first. I do not burn on-the-fly. Please do the same.

Do not write on discs or apply cd labels. Identify each disc somehow (post-it, etc). Please package discs accordingly.

Please use quality discs.

None of my CDRs are from MP3's as far as I know. If they are, I've indicated it. Please don't send me any MP3 sourced cds.

DO NOT RIP ME OFF. If you are a bad trader, don't bother. If you rip me off, I will make it difficult for you to trade with others. Your name, email address and postage address will be posted to the appropriate newsgroups and web pages.