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Recorded at Reel Trax

Produced by Jim Stichnothe, Rob Z and Matt Truitt

Songs 2,4,5,10 tracked by Jim Stichnothe

For Bookings Call Gamblino Mgmt. (319) 332-3449

Photography by Gary Moore/Sleeve Art & Logo by Roelandt Publishing

The "Nips" would like to thank Shawn Loter, Jim Stichnothe, Mike McArty, Greg & Ian from "Boozies," Marty & Billy from "Stickmans," Kate, Danno, 93.5, Love Dogs, Nikki Foxx, Brian "Vampire" Martin, Tammy, Andy, John & Fanny "T," NDI, G-Money, Studer, T-Bone, Al-American, Soup Can, "The Beav," Brad, Kelly, Ashley Alep, Cyd & Rhedt, Jordan, Tanner, Lori, Shannon, Tiffany, Dwyer, Beth, Austin, Squirrel, Herb, Alice Cooper, KFC, The Brothers Freeman, Walters, Abbey, Crazy Hip, Jack, Kevin, Kitchen, Koontz, Brady & Dillion, Kenny Bailey, Dirt, Geddy, Cire, "Mr. Nipple," Sween-Dog, Mr. Whoopie, Slave Jockeys, All 80's Rockers, Jethro, Chadd & Dana, the Rushton Bros., Buttermilk, Matt & Kris, Penny, Mr. Fluffy, Maiden, Eugene, Peel, Smitty, Megan, Marge, Dekalb, Fearless Freap, HOG, Iowa City, Carolyn, Tim & Bear, Steve, Rascals, Mitchell, Lucas, and especially Michael Seebeck.

Special thanks to our families,

Crystal, Erika, Amy, and Star, we love you lots.

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