Celtic Frost is one of my favorite bands of all time. They originated back in the early eighties with an
under their original name HELLHAMMER, and later evolved into Celtic Frost not too long after. For
those of you who have no clue, (Get Some), CF were THE original gothic/death/mystic/avante garde
metal band. Countless metal bands in the past have either thanked or were influenced by CF. I'm not
going to get into a full blown speech about them, except simply to say, if you can find any of their music,
check it out, and listen to it with an open mind. (Except the album COLD LAKE)- Which many feel,
(and me somewhat), was their downfall. Their last full album was Vanity/Nemsis (1990), after that, a
Compilation album was released "Parched With Thirst, Am I, and Dying". Other albums include, Morbid
Tales, To Mega Therion, Emperors Return, and Into the Pandemonium. The most recent CF related
music was a tribute album "In Memory of Celtic Frost" which was released just over a year ago. (Various
metal bands playing covers of CF's songs) (I thought it was pretty good).


Let me quickly introduce the band. Thomas Gabriel Fischer (Warrior), Martin Ain, and Reed St Mark.
The lineup changed many times, but in my opinion, this lineup was the best. Other band members at
times included, Steve Priestly, Dominic Steiner, Curt Victor Bryant and Oliver Amberg. Tom Gabriel is
currently in the band Apollyon's Sun . (btw, they have a song on the tribute album, but they dont like it
(see their webpage)) Anyhow, so much for my short rant. Hope you enjoy the pics. Please email me any comments.


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