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Alex Dima - 12/10/99 00:00:01
My Email:alexdima@usa.net
Country: macedonia
Hobbies: sports
Favourite team: Red Star Belgrade

Hi to you Keap it going maybe i'll give you some of my strategies nex time. I can tell you you're doing a nice job.

riddler aka chris - 05/21/99 20:07:29
My Email:riddler134@hotmail.com
Country: Vienna/Austria
Hobbies: sports, music
Favourite team: football: Austria Vienna, Basketball: Toronto Raptors

Great HP pal. Ya know if ya need some nice vibes just ask me and I'll find 'em for ya. Keep the good work on! Laters! riddler

- 04/15/99 23:10:14
My Email:Londdonfog@aol.com
Country: not England
Hobbies: loafing

Hullo I like this site I think you put a lot of work into it! : )

nikki - 04/09/99 11:57:36
My Email:niki@shoal.net.au
Country: aussie


Spago - 01/16/99 21:33:29
My Email:cocozao24@hotmail.com
Country: Holland
Hobbies: soccer, computer
Favourite team: Ajax

This Kicks Ass!!!

georgediamond - 01/13/99 16:37:59
My Email:georgaraa@hotmail.com
Country: greece
Hobbies: reading
Favourite team: olimpiakos pireus.gr

liked your site ,good work

Julia S. - 11/03/98 23:20:54
My Email:shadowly@aol.com
Country: USA
Hobbies: stuff
Favourite team: Typhoon! ok so I don't have one, just th ought I'd be supportive

Hey Spyros thanx for directing me to your site; it's really good!!

10/12/98 12:34:41
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Just surfing. Thanks.

Nurul Zaman - 09/16/98 16:31:53
My Email:zaman100@rocketmaul.com
Country: mas
Hobbies: playing footie sims
Favourite team: arsenal

Thanx pal for putting my link on your page. I hope we will be able to help each other out in the future !.

Spyros Skenderoglou - 09/09/98 20:59:13
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/sunsetstrip/pit/9795
My Email:Zipert@hotmail.com
Country: Greece
Hobbies: Basket,Music
Favourite team: AEK FC

Hi This site is mine!!!

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