General Info

          Here are some general information about those who don't know the game
or there are thinking of buying it.

     USM98 has over 130 clubs to manage and the database was accurate when the
game was released.But there are updates avaliable for that.
      There are 6 leagues (England,Spain,Italy,French,Germany,Scotland).You can
change Scotland with Greece if you download a file from my site from HERE
       You can also make your own tactics and watch your players following your tactics.
     I've played several manager games and this transfer system is the best so far.
In the most other games you could buy almost any player or the player joined
your club instantly.Well forget that,cause everything's just like real soccer.First you
have to make a proposal to the player's team if he still got a contract with his team,
or to the player's manager if he's a free agent.Then he replies and ask for certain wages and then you reply again to accept or not those wages.

     You can develop your Stadium,there is stcok exchange avaliable to make some cash for new players,you can take a loan,there are sponsors and advertises on the stadium boarders or in the magazines,merchandising on your team's shops,catering,
you can make money with illegal bets ,you can rig a match,you can offer money
to another team to release a player to your team.DO I HAVE TO SAY MORE?

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